Covid- 19 Update 29th July 2020

Volunteers Step Forward Please- We need you to help run races


We are looking for volunteers to assist the Race Officer on the Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening races. This is to provide assistance in tracking the progress of the boats around the course and capturing the finishing order, with no requirement for you to enter the Race Box.

If you are willing to volunteer for the Assistant Race Officer role please add your name to the list at the link below.!ArJYirwcpfpZgj4YSHMjPe7JKZU5?e=SgklgD

Also, if you are interested in volunteering for the role of Race Officer then please add your name to the list at the link below:!ArJYirwcpfpZgjsWjnwcExa21WdO?e=8PWHjT

And for the Safety Boat (with a crew from the same household) any additional volunteers please add your name to the list below.!ArJYirwcpfpZgjzWLvtX5VhG9X5P?e=v4a5eF

Regards, Ian.