100 Club FPSC

Why has the 100 Club been established?

The 100 Club has been set up to raise funds for youth sailing at Frensham.  This includes the activities of  all youth sailing at Frensham eg Cadet, Laser 4.7, Optimist, Sailability and Tera classes.

How does it work?

  • It is a simple lottery and tickets are £2 per month. Multiple tickets can be bought but subscriptions must be made for a 12 month period. All subscribers must be aged 16 or over.

  • The 100 Club is registered as a lottery with Waverley Borough Council (registration no 2014/49)

  • Payment can be made by monthly or annual standing order or by cheque for the annual amount

  • Each participant will be issued with a unique number (between 1 and 100) which will be theirs for the duration of their participation in the 100 Club

  • Monthly draws will be made in the Clubhouse on the first Saturday of every month.

  • In order to be eligible for a monthly draw, your payment must be received in the 100 Club bank account by 25th of the preceding month.

  • Half of the monthly subscriptions will be paid out in prize money each month.  Once the 100 Club is fully subscribed the prizes will be

    • First £50

    • Second £30

    • Third £20

  • Winners will be notified individually and the results will be posted on the website. 

How do I join?

Please complete the form below. Return the top two sections to Steph Videlo via one of the routes below.

If you wish to pay by standing order, there is a standing order mandate at the bottom of the application form. You will need to send this to your bank.  Alternatively you may find it easier to complete this on line. Please let Steph Videlo know the first date of your payment.

If you wish to pay by cheque, please make this payable to 100 Club FPSC and send to Steph Videlo at the address below.

Any questions and contact details

Please address any queries and all correspondence to Steph Videlo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 3 Derrydown, Hook Heath Road, Woking GU22 0LD..…..or catch me at the Club

Thank you for supporting youth sailing at our club and good luck in the draw.

100 Club Application Form


 Congratulations to the following on winning the monthly 100 club draws

March 2014                          Andy Todd

April 2014                            Chris Ellis

May 2014                             Kirsten Huhnet

June 2014                            Kate Whyatt

July 2014                             Kirsten Huhnet

August 2014                         Nikki Yelland

September 2014                    Kim Davies

October 2014                       Peter Slump

November 2014                    Fiona Goult

December 2014                    Viv Shorleson

January 2015                       Lisa Pryce

February 2015                     Rachel Bates

March 2015                         Susie Mallinder

April 2015                           Tom Flintham

May 2015                            Kylie Roberts

June 2015                           Ian Cherrill

July 2015                            Nicki Yelland

August 2015                        Peter Slump

September 2015                  Ian Cherrill

October 2015                      Brian Grimwood

December 2015                   MT Targett

January 2016                      Rachel Bates

February 2016                     Peter Slump

March 2016                        tba

April 2016                          tba

May 2016                           tba

June 2016                          Peter Slump

July 2016                           Andy Todd

August 2016                      Kylie Roberts

September 2016                Steve Morgan

October 2016                    Anne Marie Slavin

November 2016                 Brian Grimwood

December 2016                 Viv Williams

January 2017                    Karen Ferguson

February 2017                  Peter Slump

March 2017                      Ian Cherril

April 2017                        Brian Grimwood

May 2017                         Kylie Roberts

June 2017                        Chris Ellis

July 2017                         Martin Goult

August 2017                    Chris Ellis 

September 2017              John Townsley

October 2017                   Kylie Roberts

November 2017               Martin Goult

December 2017               Nic Everson

January 2018                  Keith Videlo

Febuary 2018                 Tom Flintham

March 2018                    Steve Morgan

April 2018                      Peter Slump

May 2018                      Keith Videlo

June 2018                     Andy Todd

July 2018                      Martin Goult

August 2018                 Tom Flintham

September 2018           Tom Flintham

October 2018               Ian Cherrill

November 2018           Ted Bonner