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Find all the latest news and developments going on at the club both on-the-water and off-the-water from racing information, member news, committee developments, picture and video galleries to social events. Frensham Pond also has its own very 'local' weather forecasting service so if you want to know the wind speed, whether it’s frozen or if you can pick up a tan …it’s all here

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Frensham Pond Superprix - 25th March 2012

The very popular "Pond Superprix" will be held on Sunday 25th March 2012. This event is a series of 8-10 single lap short course sprint races. The aim of the Superprix is to give us all much needed starting practice.

Full details of the Superprix to follow soon.

Frensham Frenzy - 11th March 2012

The 2012 Frensham Frenzy will be held on Sunday 11th March 2012.  Details can be found here.  Entries are limited to 50 boats so please pre-register to take part by contacting the Sailing Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further Nomination for General Committee

The following further nomination for General Committee was received by me before 8.00pm on Friday 20th January 2012:

Nigel Bayly
· Proposed by - Graham Howlett
· Seconded by - Tony Hyland

Jeff Dolton, Honorary General Secretary

Frozen Pond

Sadly the Pond is well and truly frozen and so there will be no sailing this weekend. The kitchen will also be closed. 

The scheduled First Aid course, however, will go ahead as planned.

Advance Notice of Nomination Requirements for Club Officers and General Committee

Our 59th Annual General Meeting, to be held on Friday 27th January 2011, will include the customary election of Officers of the Club and Members of the General Committee.

Nominations for Officers of the Club and Members of General Committee are welcomed. They must be proposed and seconded in writing by two members of the Club entitled to vote, and must be received by the Honorary General Secretary at the address below by 8.00pm on Friday 20th January 2011.

Little Ponds, 6 Witherslack Close
Headley Down
Hampshire GU35 8HN

Jeff Dolton
Honorary General Secretary