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Boats Sailed At Frensham

There are several different classes of boat that we sail at Frensham Pond which are suitable for a variety of different types of sailor. Some are single-handed dinghies and others are two-handed boats.

The classes that we sail are listed on our Favoured Boat List. Classes on this list are in two groups, the Favoured Classes and the Prospective Favoured Classes.

Because there is only limited berthing available the Club prioritises allocation of berths to boats of the Favoured Classes, click here to see the Club's Berthing Policy.

Favoured Classes

Prospective Favoured Classes

  • Phantom


As well as all of the club classes, any boat can race in the club's Handicap races provided their Portsmouth Number is less than that of the Cadet. This includes boats such as the RS300,RS400 and many others.

There are several handicap series' that run throughout the year, they are as follows:

Summer Season:

  • Saturday Afternoons
  • Wednesday Evening Handicap
  • Helm of the Year

Winter Season:

  • Saturday Afternoons
  • Sunday Mornings


The results for the current handicap racing series are available in the results section, previous results can be found in the results archive.




The Hansa Dinghy classes were designed in Australia and specifically for the disabled sailor and proved an instant success. They have been adopted by Frensham Pond Sailability which has 15 Hansa dinghies, both two-person and single-person versions.

The two-person 303 dinghies are perfect for introducing newcomers with a disability to sailing and, after a few hours, most can progress to sailing independently in the very simple 2.3 single sail boat. For the sailor with less mobility, the single-person 2.3 boat can be sailed with electrically powered controls to the tiller and the mainsheet via a joystick.

Those with a competitive streak can take part in racing which is organised both at Frensham Pond, mostly on Thursday afternoons, and around the UK during the summer season. There is also a 2-day National Championship every year, and Frensham sailors have won the Championship in both the 2.3 and 303 classes in recent years.

There is more information on the Hansa class website:


As well as the established Classes at Frensham, we have a class for those who do not sail in a recognised fleet. Currently the K class is open to any boat that does not have its own class start with a Portsmouth Yardstick  (PY) number of less than 1240 ( Unless agreed by the sailing committee )

The K class is the fleet from which new recognised class are born, allowing  close racing under the PY handicap system. Currently we have Larks, Phantoms and RS 200’s racing with some other interesting boats such an RS 100, a Scorpion, a Europe, an OK, and a National 12.

K class racing is very varied as different boats have different performances in different conditions, as well as some of the clubs best sailors in the fleet.


Racing takes place every Sunday with the exception of open meeting days alternating from Mornings to afternoons every week. Please check the calendar for details. The K class is currently the third of 3 starts at the times below.

 Morning race is at 1055

Afternoon race is at 1440


Again racing takes place every Sunday on the same rotation system as the summer except the starts are a little earlier.

Morning race at 1040

Afternoon race at 1410

 Results bit can stay the same



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