Model Yacht Group Calendar 2018

Please note that duties will change during the year as people swap their duties. Check with Dutyman for the latest information. 

Calendar for 2018

      Morning duty   Afternoon duty   Duty officer
03/04/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Andy Andrews Nigel Brock   Andy Andrews Nigel Brock   Roger Carter
10/04/2018 Tuesday Spring Rd 3 Richard Baldey Peter Broom   Richard Baldey Peter Broom   John Haine
11/04/2018 Wednesday Videlo Globe Open Meeting           Nick Royse
17/04/2018 Tuesday Informal Paul Brooks Clive Cooper   Paul Brooks Clive Cooper   Roger Carter
24/04/2018 Tuesday Spring Rd 4 Roger Carter Richard Crew   Roger Carter Richard Crew   John Haine
25/04/2018 Wednesday 10R Open Meeting             Nick Royse
01/05/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing   John Davies     John Davies   Roger Carter
08/05/2018 Tuesday Spring Rd 5 Rodney Evans Lionel East   Rodney Evans Lionel East   John Haine
15/05/2018 Tuesday Spring Rd 6 John Haine Graham Hetem   John Haine Graham Hetem   Nick Royse
22/05/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Steve Hill David Lewis   Steve Hill David Lewis   Roger Carter
29/05/2018 Tuesday RYA Course no MYG              
05/06/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 1 Jon Maslin Peter Martin   Jon Maslin Peter Martin   John Haine
12/06/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 2 Peter Mitchell Keith Mayson   Peter Mitchell Keith Mayson   Nick Royse
19/06/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Keith Parrott Jim Phillips   Keith Parrott Jim Phillips   Roger Carter
26/06/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 3 Chris Pearce Keith Railton   Chris Pearce Keith Railton   John Haine
03/07/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 4 Roger Pearce Tony Schlaeppi   Roger Pearce Tony Schlaeppi   Nick Royse
10/07/2018 Tuesday Summer Picnic Peter Renn Charles Smith   Peter Renn Charles Smith   Roger Carter
17/07/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 5 Christopher Robb Bryan Stichbury   Christopher Robb Bryan Stichbury   John Haine
24/07/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 6 Nick Royse     Nick Royse     Nick Royse
31/07/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Peter Wallis Frank Wood   Peter Wallis Frank Wood   Roger Carter
07/08/2018 Tuesday RYA Course no MYG              
14/08/2018 Tuesday RYA Course no MYG              
21/08/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing David Webb Nigel Brock   David Webb Nigel Brock   John Haine
28/08/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Graham Whitehead Peter Broom   Graham Whitehead Peter Broom   Nick Royse
04/09/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 1 Mike Christie Clive Cooper   Mike Christie Clive Cooper   Roger Carter
11/09/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 2 Graham Coley Richard Crew   Graham Coley Richard Crew   John Haine
12/09/2018 Wednesday Nick's Knots IOM Open Meeting           Nick Royse
16/09/2018 Sunday Footy National Championships           Nick Royse
18/09/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing John Sturgeon John Davies   John Sturgeon John Davies   Roger Carter
25/09/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 3 Barry White Lionel East   Barry White Lionel East   John Haine
02/10/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 4 Andy Andrews Graham Hetem   Andy Andrews Graham Hetem   Nick Royse
09/10/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Richard Baldey David Lewis   Richard Baldey David Lewis   Roger Carter
16/10/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 5 Paul Brooks Peter Martin   Paul Brooks Peter Martin   John Haine
23/10/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 6 Roger Carter Keith Mayson   Roger Carter Keith Mayson   Nick Royse
30/10/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing   Jim Phillips     Jim Phillips   Roger Carter
06/11/2018 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 1 Rodney Evans Keith Railton   Rodney Evans Keith Railton   John Haine
13/11/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing John Haine Tony Schlaeppi   John Haine Tony Schlaeppi   Nick Royse
20/11/2018 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 2 Steve Hill Charles Smith   Steve Hill Charles Smith   Roger Carter
27/11/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Jon Maslin Bryan Stichbury   Jon Maslin Bryan Stichbury   John Haine
04/12/2018 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 3 Peter Mitchell     Peter Mitchell     Nick Royse
11/12/2018 Tuesday MYG Christmas Lunch            
18/12/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Keith Parrott Frank Wood   Keith Parrott Frank Wood   Roger Carter
01/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Chris Pearce Nigel Brock   Chris Pearce Nigel Brock   John Haine
08/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Roger Pearce Peter Broom   Roger Pearce Peter Broom   Nick Royse
15/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Peter Renn Clive Cooper   Peter Renn Clive Cooper   Roger Carter
22/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Christopher Robb Richard Crew   Christopher Robb Richard Crew   John Haine
29/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Nick Royse John Davies   Nick Royse John Davies   Nick Royse
05/02/2019 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 4 Peter Wallis Lionel East   Peter Wallis Lionel East   Roger Carter
12/02/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing David Webb Graham Hetem   David Webb Graham Hetem   John Haine
19/02/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Graham Whitehead David Lewis   Graham Whitehead David Lewis   Nick Royse
26/02/2019 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 5 Mike Christie Peter Martin   Mike Christie Peter Martin   Roger Carter
05/03/2019 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 6 Graham Coley Keith Mayson   Graham Coley Keith Mayson   John Haine
12/03/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing John Sturgeon Jim Phillips   John Sturgeon Jim Phillips   Nick Royse
19/03/2019 Tuesday Spring Rd 1 Barry White Keith Railton   Barry White Keith Railton   Roger Carter
26/03/2019 Tuesday Spring Rd 2 Andy Andrews Tony Schlaeppi   Andy Andrews Tony Schlaeppi   John Haine