Junior Courses

All junior courses are taught to the RYA Young Sailors Start Sailing Scheme that caters for youngsters from the age of 8 to 13 or 14. A few children aged 7, who have sufficient concentration and body weight, may be accepted, if seen and approved by the Principal. This Scheme has 4 Stages with Stage 1 being for Beginners, and Stage 4 equivalent to the adult National Dinghy Start Sailing Scheme Level 2, which means you are capable of sailing unsupervised in light winds.

At Frensham Stages 1, 2 and 3 are taken in single handed dinghies with Optimists (Oppies) used for 8-9 year olds and Toppers for 10 -13/14 year olds. Stage 4 requires a two handed dinghy such as a Feva, Pico or Cadet.

Stage 1 and Stage 1&2 courses are for ‘beginners’. The Stage 2&3 course for improvers is a short revision of Stage 2  followed by Stage 3. This is designed to help youngsters who do not sail throughout the year. Similarly Stage 3&4 course, which is not available to 8-9 year olds, is a revision of Stage 3 followed by Stage 4.

Please note that when children migrate from Optimists to Toppers it is normal for them to start again at Stage 1. This is because the Topper hull shape is less stable, the sail area is much larger and training takes place in a less sheltered area of the pond.

Course times:

Four and five day courses- 0900 – 1630. On the first morning checking in will start at 0845 and on the last afternoon, of the 4 and 5 day courses, there will be a ‘presentation ceremony’ at 1500 to which all are invited

Saturday Courses:- 0900 - 1300