Welcome to Frensham Pond Sailing Club. Based on a beautiful lake in South West Surrey, the club welcomes new members, both experienced sailors and those wishing to learn. If you would like to find out more, please look further at our website or why not take the opportunity to visit and talk with the club manager or the clubs members. Frensham Pond is a club for all ages, all abilities and all seasons.

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DutyMan Smartphone App

If you have a Smartphone and would like your duties on your phone, log in to DutyMan, click Smartphones in the top menu and follow the instructions for MyDuties App.

Tom Flintham

Patrol boat driver needed

Dear members,

We are looking for volunteers from our Patrol Boat drivers to provide cover on the following dates, due to a member deciding not to renew their membership.

Sunday 13th Nov 2022 (am).
Saturday 25th Feb 2023 (pm).

Please let the Sailing Secretary know, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you are prepared to provide cover on these dates.

This will be taken into account when allocating duties for the next race program.

New range of FPSC Clothing

New FPSC Clothing Webshop Notice

Blue Green Algae Warning

Members may have seen reports that, after tests conducted by the Environment Agency earlier this week, Waverley Borough Council are strongly advising people not to enter the Pond and to avoid touching any scum because of the very high level of blue-green algae present.

The Club's advice is set out in the attached Blue-Green Algae Fact Sheet. You are asked to read this and, if you decide to sail, to follow the precautions described. In outline:

  1. Avoid entering the water if you can
  2. Wash your clothing and yourself after sailing
  3. Do not eat or drink without washing your hands first.
  4. Do not let dogs near the water (and certainly don't let them drink from the Pond).

As ever, in line with the Club's Risk Statement, it is the sailor's decision whether or not it is safe for them to sail.

We will be contacting RYA Course students separately and the GC will review the overall position during the next week.

Megan & Rob

Download FPSC Fact Sheet on Blue Green Algae

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