Welcome to Frensham Pond Sailing Club. Based on a beautiful lake in South West Surrey, the club welcomes new members, both experienced sailors and those wishing to learn. If you would like to find out more, please look further at our website or why not take the opportunity to visit and talk with the club manager or the clubs members. Frensham Pond is a club for all ages, all abilities and all seasons.

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The Clubhouse Trophy

Don’t forget that The Clubhouse Trophy takes place this Saturday, 14th April. Cadet start at 14:27.

The trophy was presented by T. Bath & Co. Ltd and is awarded to the winner of a Saturday Pursuit Race nearest to 10th April; as this was the opening date of the clubhouse, which this Trophy commemorates.

Easter Sailing Report - 6th April 2012

The Reddie Trophy & Spring Challenge Trophy

It was a cold but beautiful morning with just a faint trace of cirrus in an otherwise blue sky. As the morning warmed a gentle northerly breeze rose and caused small ripples on the water. Syvia Rhodes set a North course in the first of four races, two today and two to follow on Easter Monday. The Reddie Trophy was donated by Pauline Reddie and is now awarded to the winner with the best results over three of the four Easter races; that comprise two handicap and two pursuit races. The Spring Challenge Trophy is awarded to the overall winner of the two races on Easter Monday.

All got away well and Graham Howlett rounded 2 first on this Blue start. Graham was never challenged and a favourable gust saw him cross the line in first place, but dropping to third on adjusted time behind the winner Nick Clibborn and second placed man Jeff Dolton. It was a pleasure to see new member Helen McHale out in her Europe who finished fourth. Jonathan Dakin in his Laser finished 5th. Charles Watkins had a sail problem and retired.

Race 1 Results - Handicap

1st Nick Clibborn 2.4mR
2nd Jeff Dolton Solo
3rd Graham Howlett Laser
4th Helen McHale Europe
5th Jonathan Dakin Laser
6th Charles Watkins Solo

Dan Shaw took over as OOD for the afternoon pursuit race and made a small course correction to NNW; also a Blue start. Tim Hemsley and Nick Hudson joined this race. The cloud had started to thicken, but it was still warm and a good breeze was blowing but with a noticeable hole around 2, that saw Charles Watkins retire after failing to get round the mark. The handicaps worked well as there was little time between the five finishers. Nick Clibborn had led his pole position for much of the race until first Tim Hemsley, closely followed by Nick Hudson, sailed over him on the penultimate mark. Jeff Dolton held on from an ever closing challenge from Graham Howlett.

Race 2 Results – Pursuit

1st Tim Hemsley Phantom
2nd Nick Hudson Laser
3rd Nick Clibborn 2.4mR
4th Jeff Dolton Solo
5th Graham Howlett Laser
6th Charles Watkins Solo

Position after 2 Races

Position Name Boat R1 Points R2 Points Total
1st Nick Clibborn 2,4mR 1 3 4
2nd Jeff Dolton Solo 2 4 6
3rd Graham Howlett Laser 3 5 8
4th Tim Hemsley Phantom 9 1 10
5th Nick Hudson Laser 9 2 11
6th Charles Watkins Solo 6 6 12
7th Helen McHale Europe 4 9 13
8th Jonathan Dakin Laser 5 9 14

Easter Sailing Report - 9th April 2012

The Reddie Trophies & The Spring Challenge Trophy

What a wild day and a complete contrast to Good Friday’s fine weather. Today was the second part of the Reddie Trophy series and also the contest for the Spring Challenge Trophy.

Wet and windy just about summed up the day. Katrina Gilbert set an SSW (Light) course that saw a run up to 3 in this pursuit race. Only Tim Hemsley, Graham Howlett, Nick Clibborn and Jeff Dolton were in competition for the Reddie Trophy and they were joined by Ian Gregory and John Haine to battle it out for the Spring Challenge Trophy.

It was good sailing with the best wind for sometime. Ian in a Laser Radial emerged the winner.

Race 3 Results Reddie – Pursuit – Race 1 Results Spring Challenge

1st Ian Gregory - Laser Radial
2nd Tim Hemsley - Phantom
3rd Graham Howlett - Laser
4th Nick Clibborn - 2.4mR
5th John Haine - Laser
6th Jeff Dolton - Solo

Mike Redpath left the course unchanged for the afternoon handicap race despite the protestations from Tim Hemsley; who later blamed the course on his two capsizes!

The wind strengthened during the race and white horses appeared on the chop. Jeff Dolton got out early but Nick held on for much of the race until Ian and Tim hauled him in. Ian Brown in his Laser retired near the end of the race.

Race 4 Results – Pursuit – Race 2 Results Spring Challenge

1st Ian Gregory - Laser Radial
2nd Nick Clibborn - 2.4mR
3rd Graham Howlett - Laser
4th Tim Hemsley - Phantom
5th Ian Brown - Laser
5th Jeff Dolton - Solo

The Reddie Trophy - Final Position

Position Name Boat R1 Points R2 Points R3 Points R4 Points Total Points Nett Points
1st Nick Clibborn 2.4mR 1 3 4 2 10 6
2nd Tim Hemsley Phantom   1 2 4 7 7
3rd Graham Howlett Laser 3 5 3 3 14 9
4th Jeff Dolton Solo 2 4 7 7 20 13

The Spring Challenge Trophy - Final Position

Position Name Boat R1 Points R2 Points Total Points
1st Ian Gregory Laser Radial 1 1 2
2nd Nick Clibborn 2.4mR 4 2 6
3rd Graham Howlett Laser 3 3 6
4th Tim Hemsley Phantom 2 4 6
5th Jeff Dolton Solo 7 7 14


Phantom Open Meeting – 1st April 2012

The curse of windguru and the difficulty of getting fuel deterred some people from travelling, but a small and very select group arrived at the pond to be greeted by beautiful sunshine and a mirror calm lake.

Fortunately for Race officer Bruce Hill, some pressure appeared on the water and the first race started with only a short delay. The committee boat end was favoured and Nick Mason and Tim Hemsley got away cleanly, Tony Cumerbatch picked up a great shift on the left and would have led around the first mark had he noticed the change of rounding. Tim and Nick led the way for the next 2 legs until Tim pulled away in some new pressure. On the second lap Tim had about a 300 metre lead when he sailed into a hole and the fleet caught up to him, Jeremy Hudson crept through to leeward to lead briefly before the wind swung 180 degrees and allowed Tim to pull away again. At the penultimate mark the fleet bunched up again but Tim held his lead whilst behind there was a lot of jockeying for the places eventually Nick Mason got second and Bob Larder third.

Whilst there was still some pressure Bruce Hill decided to hold race 2 back to back, and with a very Pin end bias line again Nick Mason and Tim Hemsley got away cleanly and pulled away, Nick led around the first mark but was then passed by Tim who was bringing up some new wind with the rest of the fleet. Tim Managed to pull out quite a lead, which although contracted from time to time he held to the end, whilst behind the rest had a nip and tuck battle with it appeared most of the fleet holding second for a while before Nick Royse managed a mini break and took second at the finish.

After a Phantomesque lunch of Pies etc. most of the fleet assembled for the last race Tim Hemsley decided that it would be more fun to send Nick Mason’s son Michael out in his place to battle his old man. After much deliberation from Bruce a start got away and Nick Royse got ahead by the first mark, Bob Larder and Nick Mason were always close behind looking for a way past coming close many times but this order stayed to the finish.

Thanks must go to Bruce Hill and the 2.4mR fleet for running the racing, Sala and her team for feeding us so well, and all the competitors who brought food for the afternoon tea.


1st Tim Hemsley FPSC
2nd Nick Royse FPSC
3rd Bob Larder FPSC
4th Nick Mason Island Barn Reservoir SC
5th Jeremy Hudson FPSC
6th Richard Cumberbatch Castle Cove SC
7th Tony Cumberbatch Sutton Bingham SC
8th Ian Swaddling FPSC
9th David Hutley FPSC


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