Welcome to Frensham Pond Sailing Club. Based on a beautiful lake in South West Surrey, the club welcomes new members, both experienced sailors and those wishing to learn. If you would like to find out more, please look further at our website or why not take the opportunity to visit and talk with the club manager or the clubs members. Frensham Pond is a club for all ages, all abilities and all seasons.

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Sailing at FPSC- Learners

The Race Committee has recently agreed a proposal that 'learner' or less confident sailors may wear a yellow vest/racing bib to highlight themselves to other members while on the water. The aim is to allow these members space and time to build confidence and skill in a race environment. It has a similar purpose to the L plate or P plate for learner/less experienced drivers. However, the 'yellow vest' is a purely voluntary scheme.

An example 'yellow vest' can be seen at: https://www.gul.com/Watersports-Rashvests/GUL/RACE-BIB--Yellow/422950. Members wishing to wear a 'yellow vest' will be responsible for acquiring their own and ideally it should be worn over the buoyancy aid.

The objectives are:

  1. To easily identify less confident racers/sailors to other members
  2. Other members can then see and 'cut these sailors some slack' on the water and in races while they build confidence, knowledge and experience. We can give them time, give them space and give them advice gently and with forgiveness.
  3. It allows less confident racers/sailors reassurance that others understand they might do something daft on the water (we have all done daft and still do so from time to time) and will give them a slightly wider berth. This makes sense for more experienced sailors as your boat may need less gel coat filler after a race.
  4. For the Club, it makes sense for less confident racers to build experience as these sailors will be tomorrow's competition and it will mean that they are more likely to remain with and contribute to the Club in the longer term.

It is hoped that the membership will embrace the spirit of the 'yellow vest' approach and respond accordingly.

If you have any questions othen please speak to Chris Brown, Laser Class Captain, or Ian Gregory, Sailing Secretary.

Race Committee

Race Programme and Duties 1st July onwards

The General Committee has decided that it is now time to re-instate a race programme with allocated duties from the start of July. This will be held under review depending on how government restrictions change so we are initially releasing the race programme and duties for July and August. The remainder of the Summer Series and the Winter Series will be released in a few weeks time.

The Club Handbook with the updated race programme and Duty Teams included is available on the website here. To access it you will need to enter the username frensham and the passcode is the gate code.

Or navigate to Info> About the Club> Members' Handbook on the Club website.

Your duty allocations will also be sent to you shortly by the DutyMan system, which you can use to request duty swaps as normal.

We are very grateful to all members who have volunteered for race and safety boat duties over the last 12 months or so. Thanks to you the Club has been able to organise racing and complete a number of race series in testing circumstances.

This is another major step forward in getting the Club back to operating on a more familiar and effective basis.

The General Committee

FPSC Step 2 update

As England has now moved to Step 2 of the Government's relaxation of COVID restrictions we are really pleased to confirm the following changes at the Club with effect from today, April 12th:

  1. The changing rooms and showers are now open.
    Please read the Club's guidance - if you can change at home that's great; maximum of 10 males and 8 females at any one time; socially distance; make sure the lights are on (so the ventilation fans run!); cleaning materials provided so please do your bit to keep the areas spotless; please do not leave any kit in there.
  2. General sailing is now available all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    But please DO NOT launch from the slipway near the safety boat sheds whilst Sailability are operating on Thursdays; and avoid the reclaimed land and their racing area on the Pond when MYG are present on Tuesdays. Please remember both groups have vulnerabilities to manage.
  3. The Bar and Galley will re-open from Saturday 17th April.
    Counter service Saturday mornings (no alcohol). Please remember to wear a face covering and socially distance when inside the Clubhouse.

    Table-service when alcohol is being served (and hopefully you remember how we manage that).
    Food and drink must be consumed sitting down OUTSIDE max. 6 or 2 households in a group.

We are currently trying to recruit a Catering Manager. Until we succeed the Bar and Galley will be run by volunteers with restricted availability of food on Saturday mornings only.


The General Committee

Forthcoming Events

Race Programme