Welcome to Frensham Pond Sailing Club. Based on a beautiful lake in South West Surrey, the club welcomes new members, both experienced sailors and those wishing to learn. If you would like to find out more, please look further at our website or why not take the opportunity to visit and talk with the club manager or the clubs members. Frensham Pond is a club for all ages, all abilities and all seasons.

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Covid- 19 Update 30th July 2020

The links to the signing on sheets to enter the racing for the next week are below. Details for the Saturday morning youth session will be communicated separately.

Please ensure you sign on before the race, and a number of people are not and causing unnecessary work for our results compilers. Don’t be surprised if you are disqualified for not signing on. This is also our record of who was present at the club during the racing session.


Saturday afternoon: Pursuit race (first start 14:00) with no limits on entry numbers.




DOWNLOAD Handicaps and Pursuit Times HERE


Sunday afternoon: Class racing (first start 14:00) with no limits on entry numbers.




14:00 - K Class

14:05 - Laser Class (all rigs)

14:10 - Solo Class

14:15 - GP14, Enterprise & 2.4mR (club course)

14:20 - Cadet, Tera & Topper




Wednesday Evening : pursuit race (first start 18:45) with no limits on entry numbers.




DOWNLOAD Handicaps and Pursuit Times HERE


Regards, Ian. 


PS It is best to sign on using a desktop or laptop.  Signing on might be possible with your mobile phone. But, if not, you may have to install an App.


For casual sailing you must still book your slot here



Youth Training 

Saturday morning is now reserved for youth training.  The booking process for Saturday mornings is being managed by Iain Soars (Teras) and  Sean Nee (Cadets+  including Cadets, Toppers, Laser 4.7s and Laser Radials.)
If you wish to be included in the youth training and have not yet been emailed, please contact Iain or Sean as appropriate.

The following documents are still in force 



DOWNLOAD FPSC Safe Operation of Safety Boats during COVID-19 restrictions HERE

DOWNLOAD Return to Racing - Competitors Guide HERE- updated

DOWNLOAD Return to Racing - Race Officer Guide HERE- updated

DOWNLOAD Return to Racing - Sailing Instructions HERE

DOWNLOAD Return to Racing - Duty Officer Guide HERE

DOWNLOAD Stage2 Risk Assessment HERE


Covid- 19 Update 29th July 2020

Volunteers Step Forward Please- We need you to help run races


We are looking for volunteers to assist the Race Officer on the Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening races. This is to provide assistance in tracking the progress of the boats around the course and capturing the finishing order, with no requirement for you to enter the Race Box.

If you are willing to volunteer for the Assistant Race Officer role please add your name to the list at the link below.


Also, if you are interested in volunteering for the role of Race Officer then please add your name to the list at the link below:


And for the Safety Boat (with a crew from the same household) any additional volunteers please add your name to the list below.


Regards, Ian.

Covid- 19 Update 20th July 2020

Wednesday Evening racing this week, and until the end of August.

We are starting a short Wednesday Evening series, starting this Wednesday. This will be a pursuit race, like Saturday afternoon, with the first start at 18:45 and the race scheduled to finish just after 20:00. This will be a six race series (until the end of August), with 4 races to count and average points redress available to the Duty Teams.

The Race Committee reserves the right to amend or withdraw these race series, depending upon how the implementation goes. This is also dependent on sailors abiding to the ethos of more relaxed and conservative racing that is at the heart of the Stage 2 plan, which includes a more relaxed approach to taking or enforcing rights of way and avoiding shouting where possible.

Finally, if you are going to be on site but not racing would you record this on the signing on sheet under the Additional Attendance tab.

Regards, Ian.


Covid- 19 Update 4th July 2020

Changes to the Stage 2 plan

I hope that you are all safe and well and where possible taking advantage of the  opportunities to get back on the water. This weekend we enter a new phase of the slow return to normality and, while we are still working on the next three stages of our “ Get back to Safe sailing” Plan- Sailability, Training and Coaching and Double handed sailing, I wanted to update you as follows-

  • Thanks  to  the Estates team (Neil and Catherine Holden, John McGuinness and Kevin Marshall) the changing room redecoration has been completed including new heaters and a full clean and disinfect. The hand dryers are currently de-commissioned in accordance with government regulations. Supplies of hand towels are available.
  • The changing rooms are now open for access to the toilets and Neil has designed a one way system for you all to follow. I know restrictions are being eased but please follow the system and be wary at the pinch points. The Accessible toilet should now only be used by our disabled members.
  • Please do not use the changing rooms apart from access to the toilets. Continue to come to the club changed or change discreetly in your cars. The showers are not in use.
  • The changing rooms and toilets will be cleaned three times a week by Bourne Cleaning.
  • The clubhouse, workshops, training rooms and office are open for access only by keyholders

The Stage 1 General Sailing and the Stage 2 Limited Racing are going well and no major changes are planned for these at this time. In view of the reduction in social distancing we have revised the Plan and will remove the requirement for only one boat to be on each jetty at one time.  But please keep to the one metre plus rule in launching and recovery and advise  GC members of any issues. 

The Clubhouse, galley and bar remain closed and we have no immediate intention of reopening these at this time. We are however arranging for the terrace canopy to be erected to provide sheltered outside space for non-sailors. This  will be done over the coming week

The Club Manager remains on furlough. All emails to the Office are being monitored by the Rear Commodore and I am pleased to say that we continue to attract new members

The next  Virtual General Committee meeting  will take place on Tuesday evening and I will update you on any key decisions in the next Commodores Newsletter


David Innes




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