RS200The RS200 is the newest of the fleets raced at Frensham and the numbers at the pond are steadily increasing. People sailing the RS200 at Frensham range from those who are relatively new to the sport right through to some of the most successful sailors in the country - including the National champion for 2006 and 2007 - Roger Gilbert.

The RS200 is currently one of the UK's most popular, modern, 2-handed one design racing dinghies. When planing the performance is absolutely exhilarating and has to be experienced to be believed.

The asymmetric spinnaker is easy to set and makes for a lot of tactical options on the downwind leg - leading to exciting racing. The cockpit quickly empties itself after a capsize.

  • Length: 4.00m
  • Beam: 1.83m
  • Weight: 114kg
  • Sail area: 11.52m2
  • Spinnaker: 8.29m2

If you have any questions on the RS200 or would like a taster sail, please contact the Fleet Captain - details below.

RS200 class website: Click Here

Frensham Pond RS200 Fleet Captain

Stefan Bennett
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