Club Guidance for New Members

Welcome to Frensham Pond Sailing Club

  • Club
  • Member’s Handbook - contains a wealth of information and can be found on the Club website at Info/About the Club/Member’s Handbook
  • Communication channels are Club website, Club emails, Newsletter, Club Facebook page and Class Facebook and WhatsApp groups
  • Class Captains – are an important link and source of information for members and will arrange your Club duties.


  • Access to site – Members are given the gate and changing room code. The main gate is to be closed outside normal Club operating hours and closed at all times if the beach is expected to be busy.
  • Race duties – Duties are either in the Race box or on the Safety Boat and will be explained to all by Class Captains and managed via Dutyman. It is your responsibility to check for duties and swap if necessary.
  • Orientation/layout on pond – Looking squarely onto the pond from the Clubhouse, straight ahead is North, West is to your left and East to your right.
    There are 9 race buoys, starting with No.1 opposite the Clubhouse, with the other buoys numbered in a clockwise direction round the Pond to No.9
  • Pond access – Launching and recovering boats can only be from the Club slipways. No canoes, windsurfers, paddle boards or swimming is allowed in the Pond, except within the white buoys by the beaches.
  • Use of jetties – Numbered 1 to 8 from west to east, the slipways and inside of jetties are to be kept clear for launching and recovering of boats.
  • Racing – Takes place every weekend throughout the year and Wednesday evenings during summer. Details are on the FPSC website and in the Club Handbook. Race signing on sheets and course boards are displayed in the Club foyer.
  • Casual/social sailing - Is allowed any time from sunrise to sunset. There is no organised safety cover for casual sailing. While racing is taking place please liaise with the Race Officer for guidance if not racing.
  • Coaching/training – RYA, Club development courses and Class training takes place on a regular basis. Liaise with the Lead Instructor if interested in individual coaching.
  • Safety Boats – Are only on the Pond during organised racing and training.
  • Sailing conditions on the pond – If unfamiliar with sailing on the pond, please check out the conditions with other members before going out on the water.
  • Buoyancy Aids – Are to be worn by all under 18s on or near the water at all times. Everyone must wear buoyancy from 1st Nov to 30th April and when Flag Y is flying on the mainmast during summer.
  • Sailability – Operates all day Thursdays and Saturday mornings from April to November. Details can be found on the website.
  • Safeguarding – Any concerns have to be reported to Club officials.
  • Dogs – Are to be kept on a lead and attended at all times when on the site, unless in a vehicle. Only Assistance/Guide dogs are allowed in the Clubhouse.
  • Boat Park – You will be allocated a berth and are asked to keep your boat, trailer and trolley within that area and keep your area of grass cut.
  • Car park – The car park gets particularly full at weekends, please park tidily.
  • Galley – The Galley is open at weekends, during RYA training and on Thursdays between 1st May and 30th Oct.

Please contact any Club Officer, or your Class Captain for further information
14th December 2021