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The Hansa Dinghy classes, initially named ‘Access’ classes,  were specifically designed in Australia in the early 1990s for disabled sailors and proved an instant success on a World-wide basis.  Frensham Pond Sailability now has 22 Hansa dinghies in its fleet, including two-person/two sail  (Hansa 303) and one-person/one sail  (Hansa 2.3) versions.

The two-person 303 dinghies, helmed by a volunteer ‘buddy’, are ideal for introducing newcomers to sailing. Sailors can then progress to sailing independently in the simpler 2.3 single sail boat, and then, when more experienced, revert back to the 303 but sailing it single-handedly.


For the sailor with less mobility, there are boats with electrically powered controls to the tiller and the sail-sheets via a joystick.


Those with a competitive streak can take part in racing which is organised both at Frensham Pond, mostly on Thursday afternoons, and around the UK during the summer season. There is also a 3-day National Championship every year, and Frensham sailors have won the Championship in both the 2.3 and 303 classes in recent years.

More information can be found on the Hansa class (UK) website:


Laser Stratos (keel)


The Laser Stratos-keel is a very roomy and stable boat, ideal for small, supported groups to go cruising on Frensham Pond and for introducing new members to sailing


2.4mR mini-keelboat



The 2.4mR is the Paralympic single handed class racing boat. Since the helmsperson sits down in the boat facing forward with all of the trim controls within arms reach, the sailing is not physically demanding and these attributes make the 2.4mR ideal for disabled sailors.

The boats can be set for foot-pedal steering or hand steering – making the boat particularly suitable for sailors with lower-body impairments. It is used for competitive racing by both disabled and able-bodied sailors.

More information can be found on the Frensham Pond Sailing Club 2.4mR webpage


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