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Sadly we were not able to do much sailing until September, but we kept busy in other ways:


 Sailability sailors are taking part in virtual races organised by the Hansa Class UK. Ten races were held over as many weeks, involving competitors from Australia and the Netherlands, as well as many UK clubs. In the 1st series Ssot prizes were awarded, with Paul Phillips getting a prize for his exceptional performance in week 2, Peter Etherton getting his first 1st place in week2, Kate Whyatt for the best decorated boat, and Ivor Barrett (Sailability Chair) getting a special prize for multitasking, by playing the game, hosting a Zoom meeting, drinking a cup of coffee and answering a telephone call all at the same time.



The overall winner was declared as Paul Phillips of Frensham Pond Sailability who was declared the Virtual Champion. Ten races were held over as many weeks, involving competitors from Australia and the Netherlands, as well as many UK clubs. A good number of Frensham Pond Sailability members took part together with Paul, and six of them featured in the top Ten. As overall winner of the series Paul won 3 First Places on the last day to secure the Championship.


We were delighted to welcome two new boats delivered to Frensham Pond Sailability this week. One a Hansa 303 named "Jaguar" purchased using part of the legacy of the late Stuart Rees, a former Frensham Sailability sailor (and classic Jaguar owner). The other is a Hansa 2.3 "Edging Ahead" bought thanks to fundraising by Edgeborough School and named by pupils.



We took part in several virtual sailing regattas. For us one of the key benefits of virtual racing is global participation. Partnering up with Wynyard Yacht Club in Australia, the two clubs have found a way to keep their members’ competitive spirit alive with their own friendly International regatta. Each sailing session was comprised of 4 races and there were three ‘legs’ to determine a team and overall winner. Well done to Frensham for winning this event.

Hansa Class UK organised an international art competition with entries coming from as far afield as Hong Kong, Australia and The Philippines. Members of Frensham Pond Sailability walked off with several prizes. June Woolley who took first prize in the category “On the Water”, while Judith Riggs was first in the category “Creative Sailing in any Medium”, with Peta Etherton 2nd.  


June Woolley                                                                        Judith Riggs                                                               Peta Etherton



To remind you of all the good times in 2019, Tony Machen has kindly compiled a photo album of activities at the Pond, which clearly conveys the friendly competitiveness, team spirit, and wonderful social atmosphere that we all enjoy.
The link to the photo album is below.  There are a lot of photos so you can pick and choose or you can select the slideshow option - click on any picture, then the 3-dot icon at top right of the screen selecting "Slideshow" 







From 5 - 7 July the RYA Multiclass Regatta was held at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. It was the largest disability sailing event of its kind and was a particular challenge for Frensham Pond Sailability because they sail on an inland water, whereas this event was held on the sea. Mike Everitt won the Hansa 303 single class, retaining his title from last year, with Margaret Foreman second. Linsay Burns won the Hansa 2.3 class, retaining her title from last year, while Lara Sturgis came second. and Megan Pascoe won the 2.4mR class. These wins came on top of a season of successful performances at other events.


The 2019 Hansa Traveller Trophy (TT) Series got under way at Frampton on Severn bright sun and a light wind on 17th April. 6 FPS helms took part and dominated their classes with wins for Lindsay Burns, Michael Everitt and Tessa Watkiss, and 2nd places for James Woosnam and Paul Phillips

The Whitefriars TT was cancelled due to storm Hannah’s gale force winds so the next event was the New Forest TT on 8th May. 9 FPS helms took part at this popular venue and boosted the entry to 24 boats. Conditions were far from ideal thanks to very cool, blustery winds, violent gusts, heavy showers and even a hail storm that covered sailors and boats in ice! Despite this Lindsay Burns, Harry Kennington, Lara Sturgis and Greg Parker scored a 1-2-3-4 in the 2.3 class, Michael Everitt claimed his second win in the 303 singles and 3rd places went to Peter & Peta Etherton (303 doubles) and Tessa Watkiss (Liberty).

Carsington and Notts County were the venues for the next two events. Regular FPS helms consolidated their positions in the series with two more wins for Lindsay Burns, a 1st and 2nd for Michael Everitt, 3rd places for James Woosnam and Katie Apse and a win for Andy Sheath & Kate Lintott in their first event of the season.

Returning South to Oxford in mid-June, 9 FPS helms took to the water in unseasonably cold, wet and windy conditions. The sailors rose to the challenge and racing was very close in most of the fleets. A double 1-2 for Lindsay Burns and Greg Parker (2.3 class) and Michael Everitt and Katie Apse (303 singles) and 3rd places for Andy Sheath & Kate Lintott (303 doubles) and Paul Phillips (Liberty) completed a good day for FPS.

The Bristol TT at Baltic Wharf was held on 15th July in very light winds with a small but competitive fleet. n the 303 singles Michael Everitt claimed his 5th win of the season after a close battle with Scotland’s Jessica Campbell. In the Liberty fleet Tessa Watkiss claimed 2nd and Alison Grant took 3rd.





Friday 28th June saw the first Pro-Am Regatta to be run by Frensham Pond Sailability, and it was a great success. The idea was that “Ams” would make a contribution to take part in a series of races at the Pro-Am Regatta. The “Pros” were experienced members and helpers from Sailability, and the “Ams” would be encouraged to do most of the sailing. The day was perfect – warm sunshine and a good wind. Two types of dinghy were involved – Hansa 303s , and the three  Laser Stratos, in a series of four races. Following the racing, everyone adjourned to the Clubhouse for some refreshment and a barbeque. An exciting raffle raised some extra funds, thanks to a brilliant selection of prizes. In conclusion Ivor Barrett thanked everyone who had taken part, and expressed Saiability’s gratitude for the significant sums of money raised.

See also this appreciative blog from the Coins foundation : 



Frensham Pond Sailability have been lucky enough to have had several projects supported by Fleet Lions, and now a further generous donation has enabled the purchase of a new boat Miranda. A group of Lions (a Pride?) came to Frensham Great Pond to celebrate the launch of this smart new boat. They included their President, Kevin Williams, 2nd Vice President, Bill Petley, Graham Chennery, Chair of Community Services and Bill Comey, Club Secretary. Ivor Barrett welcomed the Lions and thanked them for their generosity over the years. President, Kevin Williams praised the work of Sailability then named the boat Miranda, which was promptly launched. The name of the boat is a tribute to Miranda Hart who, through the ups and downs of life found ways to be happy, and the wish is that all those who sail in her will also find happiness. Vice President, Bill Petley, went on its inaugural sail with Brian Grimwood, while several other Lions went out in the Laser Stratos. 





Local group, the Farnham Hedgehogs, have sponsored a new boat for Frensham Pond Sailability. With excellent timing, the ceremony at Frensham Great Pond took place in National Hedgehog Awareness Week. A group of Hedgehogs came down to Frensham Pond, with their Chairman Salvatore Mezzullo, Past Chairman Bob Hockey, Ian Donald, Chris Woodhouse and Sailability Helper and Hedgehog, John Roberts. They were welcomed by Sailability Chairman, Ivor Barrett who thanked them for their generous contribution in funding a new boat, named Hedgehog. In his turn, Salvatore Mezzullo explained how Hedhehogs worked and how pleased they were to be able to support such a worthy organisation. Once the new boat was successfully launched, two of the Hedgehogs went for a sail on her maiden voyage.



Every September the Farnham Weyside Rotary Club organises the Farnham Pilgrim Marathon and people from Sailability have helped with marshalling the event. As a mark of appreciation the Rotary Club have made a donation of £300 to Sailability.

For more information see their website, their Facebook page and the Pilgrim Marathon website 






Four sailors and two volunteer helpers went to the Hansa World Championships in Hiroshima, Japan where  Lindsay Burns won the Silver Medal in her class. 

The sailors were part of the British contingent of nine sailors and fourteen volunteers. They joined more than 180 other competitors from 23 countries. The competition lasted over five days with a target of 10 races per fleet – there were four fleets. Some of the sailors sent their boats on ahead in containers; the others chartered boats in Japan.

The winds throughout the competition were light and variable which made life difficult for the sailors and the organisers. But these conditions were ideal for Lindsay! In the other classes the Frensham sailors did extremely well with Paul Phillips, who sailed his Liberty, coming 13th and Margaret Foreman finishing 18th in her class.




4 members of Frensham Pond Sailability scooped awards at the recent Farnham Sports Awards. Alan Johnson was the recipient of the Mayor of Farnham’s Award for his outstanding contribution to community sport. Alan has been involved with Sailability since it started, coming most weeks to help with the Club’s activities.Harry Kennington, one of the leading youth sailors, won the Highly Commended award in the Under 18 Sports Personality of the Year category. Maureen Aldridge was Highly Commended Sports Personality of the Year. Maureen has been a long-term member of Sailability and is particularly known for her cheerfulness.  Michael Everitt won the Sporting Inspiration Award. Michael has been helping at the Club for many years, but has started sailing competitively only in the last couple of years. In August he became Champion of Champions at the RYA Sailability Multiclass Regatta.












The 9th and final event in the Hansa National Traveller Trophy Series was hosted by Frensham Pond Sailability on Wednesday 5th September 2018. With an impressive entry of 15 Frensham sailors (a club record for a TT) and 9 visitors from Whitefriars, Tideway London, New Forest, Chesil, Rutland and South West Scotland Sailability clubs, the 24 helms were ready to contest the 4 Hansa classes.

The cool F3/F4 Northerly wind made for close racing in the two morning races with a wind shadow making the final approach to the windward mark particularly tricky. Following an excellent lunch served up by Carol Clibborn’s hard working Galley team, a significant NE shift and drop in wind strength for the third race, followed by a shift back to a N-NNW direction, kept Race Officer Graham Howlett and his team busy adjusting marks and the start line.


The 2.3 class was an all Frensham affair, experienced helm Lindsay Burns had already wrapped up the Series and took the first two races from last year’s winner Harry Kennington followed by Greg Parker and Lara Sturgis. Race 3 saw Harry fight back to take the win from Lindsay, who was then challenged by Greg Parker in race 4 before she eased away to take the race and the TT win.

With 4 entries the Liberty class was missing some regulars but the competition was no less fierce between Rutland’s Chris Emmet, Whitefriars helm David Durston and local helms Paul Phillips and Tessa Watkiss, who were both in contention for the overall TT series title. Race 1 went to Chris, race 2 to Tessa, race 3 to David and Chris took race 4 to claim the TT win. This left Paul and Tessa tied on points for the series but Paul’s earlier wins sealed the Series.

The nine strong 303 1 Person class was the largest fleet, the 7 local helms included TT debuts by teenager Miles Norwood and septuagenarian Brian Fuller and were joined by Tideway’s Leslie Philip and Jessica Campbell from SW Scotland Sailability. Race 1 was taken in impressive style by Miles followed by Jessica and Frensham’s Michael Everitt. Races 2 and 3 went to Michael. Local helm James Woosnam took race 4, but Michael’s earlier wins gave him the TT win from the consistent Jessica and James, who had claimed the Series with his win at Oxford.

The 303 2 Person fleet had 2 local crews, 2 Rutland crews, 2 New Forest crews and 1 Chesil crew. Race 1 saw locals Peter & Peta Etherton just edge the win from visitors Natalia & Alan Hillman, who had already claimed the series title. Natalia and dad Alan went on to win the next 3 races to claim the overall TT victory while the fight for the runner up position in the TT and Series went to the line in race 4, with the Ethertons just holding off a strong challenge from New Forest’s Steve Kitson & Jane Knight, with Chesil crew Philip Hall & David Ankers not far behind.

The Series winning performances of Lindsay Burns, James Woosnam and Paul Philips ensured that the Frensham team won the Ben Ainslie TT Team Trophy yet again. Following the traditional Frensham free tea provided by the local sailors, prizes for the first three in each class and the overall TT Series were presented by Frensham's Chairman, Ivor Barrett, who also gave thanks to the hardworking Galley team and the volunteer helpers who made the day a success.



Overall Results:

Hansa 2.3 class
1st Lindsay Burns (Frensham)

2nd Harry Kennington (Frensham)
3rd Greg Parker (Frensham)
4th Lara Sturgis (Frensham)


Hansa 303 One Person Class
1st Mike Everitt (Frensham)

2nd Jessica Campbell (SW Scotland)

3rd James Woosnam (Frensham)
4th Miles Norwood (Frensham)

5th Margaret Foreman (Frensham)

6th Kate Hedley (Frensham)
7th Leslie Philip (Tideway)

8th Katie Apse (Frensham)

9th Brian Fuller (Frensham)

Hansa 303 Two Person Class
1st Natalia & Alan Hillman (New Forest)

2nd  Peter & Peta Etherton (Frensham)
3rd Steve Kitson & Janet Knight (NFDS)
4th Philip Hall & David Ankers (Chesil)
5th Colin Freeman & Paul Kingston (Frensham)
6th Paul Pearson & Robin Marriott (Rutland)

7th Rik Hughes & John Haward (Rutland)


Liberty Class
1st Chris Emmet (Rutland)

2nd Tessa Watkiss (Frensham)

3rd David Durston (Whitefriars)

4th Paul Phillips (Frensham)







It was a winning weekend at the 11th RYA Sailability Multiclass Regatta on the 4th and 5th August 2018, with Mike Everitt being crowned 2018 RYA Sailability Multiclass Champion of Champions and Lindsay Burns winning the Hansa 2.3 class.


More than 80 sailors took to the water at Rutland for the UK’s biggest disability sailing event of its kind. In beautiful sunshine, scorching temperatures and tricky light winds, the event kicked off on Saturday with two hotly contested back to back races followed by the famous Ken Ellis pursuit race.

Mike Everitt, who was crowned Champion of Champions, said: “I was really challenged this weekend, in both the multiclass regatta and the Ken Ellis Pursuit race, having quite a few close calls. I wasn’t expecting to win the Ken Ellis, which resulted in me giving a rather audible celebration on the water! I'm really grateful for all the support that the volunteers in the vast ranges of activities have given, and I'm quite eagerly looking forward to next year already!"

Winner of the Hansa 2.3 class wasLindsay Burns, from Headley Down, Hampshire, added: "As always, the RYA Multiclass has been a huge part of my UK Hansa racing calendar for 2018.  We had sunshine and good racing but, above all, it's a superb social event. It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones and I'm already looking forward to next year.  I can't thank the RYA enough for their efforts in putting the event on, and also their continued support of disabled sailing."

Photo credits RYA/Emily Whiting

For fuller reports see 






 Frensham Pond Sailability travelled to Burghfield Sailing Club recently and came away having swept the board! Altogether 7 boats were transported there and the races were particularly challenging due to the light and variable winds (and also to some weed in the lake). The club had wins in all 4 classes, with first paces going to Lindsay Burns (Hansa 2.3 Class), James Woosnam (Hansa 303 Single person Class), Peter and Peta Etherton (Hansa 303 2 person Class), and Tessa Watkins (Liberty Class). Harry Kennington, a member of the Frensham Pond Sailability Youth Group is taking part in this series of events for the first time this year and has reached a very creditable 3rd place.




Congratulations to the team sailing in the Bristol TT

Liberty class – 1st Paul, 3rd Tessa
303 single – 1st Michael, 3rd James



Congratulations to Nick Clibborn, who has gained the Exceptional Contribution Award at the recent RYA Conference. He has enthusiastically and knowledgeably led race training for many years. Miles Norwood was runner up for the Young Person Award, so congratulations to him also.





The weather on Saturday 5 May couldn’t have been better for the launch of ‘Melanie’, Sailability’s second new Hansa 303 dinghy this year.The boat was funded by a very generous donation from the Melanie Braysher Trust. The Trust was formed to provide a permanent memorial to Melanie Braysher,  a young girl who died from cancer in 1990 when she was only 11 years old. Pennie Braysher, Melanie’s mother, explained that, because o f her illness, Melanie had her left leg amputated, and she was then given a motorised scooter by a friend. The independence this gave her transformed her life! The Trust’s aim is to assist independent mobility for disabled children and young people.The morning concluded with Pennie being taken for a sail in ‘Melanie, helmed by 16 year old helper Ryan Wilkinson. Ryan was a member of the UK Cadet squad who competed in the Cadet World Championships in Argentina early this year.



Dido, a boat with a special significance for all at Frensham Pond Sailability, was launched last week. It was named in commemoration of Richard Smallwood, who was Sailing Captain for ten years until his death in January 2017. Angela Smallwood spoke movingly of Richard when launching the new boat and Lindsay Burns took it on its maiden voyage.



The new surface has been completed in time for the start of the 2018 season on Thursday 5 April. Spaces have been created with a concrete surface for disabled sailors. 








 A good turn out for this year's Forum. Andrew Lodge, President Farnham Lions presented the awards.




 Congratulations to Brian Fuller and Danny McCulloch who gained awards at this year's Farnham Sports Council's event



The seventh event in the Hansa National Traveller Trophy series was hosted by Frensham Pond Sailability on Wednesday 20th September 2017. It was mild and dry with light cloud and sunny spells but there was little evidence of the forecast F3/F4 wind on arrival.

With a bumper entry of local sailors and visitors from Whitefriars, Tideway, New Forest and Chesil Sailability clubs, the 21 helms were ready to contest the 4 Hansa classes. Frensham’s notoriously shifty SW wind had strengthened enough to get some very competitive racing underway and the wind filled in nicely as the day progressed.

The 2.3 class were all Frensham helms. Greg Parker took the honours in Race 1 and 16 year old Harry Kennington went on to win race 2. Lara Sturgis took the honours in Race 3 and the final race was won by Harry to claim his first TT victory by 1 point from Greg in 2nd , Lara 3rd and Maureen Aldridge 4th. Harry was also awarded the club’s Waverley Cup for the leading Frensham 2.3 sailor.

The Liberty entry saw fierce between local helms Paul Phillips and Tessa Watkiss and Whitefriars helm David Durston. Race 1 went to Paul from David and Tessa, who then took the win in Race 2 from Paul and David. Another win in Race 3 and 2nd in Race 4 was enough to for Paul to claim the overall win while David and Tessa finished on equal points, David taking 2nd place on countback.

In the 303 1 Person class Kate Hedley had a perfect start with wins in Races 1 and 2. Tideway’s Leslie Philip took the win in Race 3 while James Woosnam was pleased to win Race 4 after a disappointing start. Kate’s 2 wins and a 3rd place were enough to give her the overall victory by 1 point from the consistent Peter Fitzpatrick with 3 2nd places and Leslie 3rd.

The largest fleet was the 8 strong 303 2 Person class with 4 local crews and 2 crews each from the New Forest and Chesil clubs. Race 1 saw Chesil’s Tim Scarisbrick/Janet Whyte take the win from 14 year old Jenna Snedker sailing with father Matt in their first TT, who recovered well from an OCS to take 2nd with Peter & Peta Etherton in 3rd. Jenna and Matt went on to win the next 3 races to claim the overall victory from the consistent Tim and Janet in 2nd and the Ethertons in 3rd place, holding off  a late challenge from Andy Sheath/Kate Lintott.

Prizes for the first three in each class were presented by Frensham's Acting Chairman, Ivor Barrett, who also gave thanks to the hardworking Galley team and the volunteer helpers who made the day a success.





JohnForthergill, Commodore of Rutland Sailing Club and RYA Sailability Manager Joff McGill present award to Paul Phillips © RYA OnEdition

The prestigious RYA Sailability Multiclass Regatta took place on 5th and 6th August at Rutland Water. More than 50 boats and 74 sailors took part in Britain’s biggest disabled sailing event, including a team of 7 from Frensham Pond Sailability. The whole club would like to congratulate  Paul, who was crowned Champion of Champions.

Paul, who has competed in this event since 2011 said “The racing was quite close and exciting at times and I really didn’t expect to win. It was a really enjoyable event”. There was a whole variety of weather conditions and before the start of the Pursuit Race there was a big squall, with strong winds. Luckily the rain eased off and conditions started to improve.

Paul has been sailing with Frensham Pond Sailability for more than 10 years, and before that, he sailed round the world. He is closely involved with the running of the club as treasurer and sails almost every week.

There were also other successes for the team from Frensham with two other sailors in the top 5 in the pursuit race, Megan Pascoe and Kate Hedley and Paul, Megan and Lindsay Burns winning their respective class races.




 The 2017 Sailability season has started and, with it, two new boats have arrived. They are  Hansa 2.3s, and one of them, ‘Windsprite’, was launched on 22 April. It was funded by generous grants from The Borrows Charitable Trust and Surrey County Council.

Sally Borrows, a Trustee of the Borrows Charitable Trust, and Surrey County Councillor Pat Frost jointly launched the boat. Sally told watching Sailability sailors and helpers that she had been very impressed by Sailability’s activities when she had first visited Frensham towards the end of the 2017 sailing season and she was delighted that the Borrows Trust  was able to be the primary funder of a new boat. Councillor Pat Frost said that she had known Frensham Pond Sailability for many years and was delighted to be able to sponsor support from Surrey County Council. Frensham Pond Sailability Trustee, Brian Grimwood,  thanked both donors.








In one of its biggest projects, Sailability has unveiled a new extension to Jetty 7, which will provide a more efficient, stable and user-friendly experience. The cost was considerable, at £32,000, and the planning process was complex with approvals needed, not just from the landowners but also from all the bodies concerned with protecting the environment of Frensham Pond.


The Jetty Extension was formally opened by Megan Pascoe, reigning World Champion in the 2.4 metre class. Brian Grimwood expressed the club’s gratitude for the tremendous support from the donors, the Wisley Foundation, Farnham Lions, The Farnham Institute and the Worshipful Company of Dyers. The guests were then treated to a demonstration of the new hoisting arrangements, when Barbara Wright, President of Farnham Lions, agreed to be the guinea pig. 


The day was mild and sunny and conditions were perfect for the guests to be able to see the regular activities of Sailability. 










Congratulations to everyone who gained awards at the Farnham Sports Awards ceremony on Monday 17 October:

Sports Club of the Year   -  Winner  -  joint Frensham Pond sailing Club and Sailability

Young Volunteer of the Year   -  Winner  -  Lucy Edgar

Volunteer of the Year  -   Highly Commended  -  Carol Clibborn

Volunteer of the Year  -   Highly Commended - Shaun Devoto

Disabled Sports Personality  -   Winner - Kate Hedley

Disabled Sports Personality  -   Highly Commended - Mark Barber 




At the recent Hansa Class National Championships at Carsington in Derbyshire, our sailors excelled with three of them coming home as National Champion in their respective classes.

On the first day, Friday, two races were planned and with freshening winds the event got underway.  There were four classes, the larger Liberties, Hansa 303-solos, Hansa 303-doubles and Hansa 2.3s with Frensham sailors in three of them.  Competition proved very close with a number of good battles in both races.

Four races were planned on the Saturday with two in the morning and two in the afternoon raced back to back.  The early rain cleared but the wind grew lighter, so much so that the afternoon races had to be cancelled.

Sunday began with misty conditions after the wet weather the day before but this soon dispersed.  The two planned races were increased to three  back to back races to make up for the two lost on Saturday  and all were completed in fair winds and dry conditions providing ample chance to improve overall results.After three days of racing in a good range of wind conditions Frensham’s three overall winners and National Champions were:-

Paul Phillips – Liberty Class

Margaret Foreman – Hansa 303-Solo Class

Lindsay Burns – Hansa 2.3 Class.







When the members of Bourne WI watched an old video about the origins of sailing for disabled people on Frensham Pond, they were intrigued and interested enough to start collecting money for this local charity. They raised funds over the course of the past twelve months in a variety of different ways, and on Saturday 3rd September several of their members, ex-President Marion Stockley, Secretary Caroline Stancell and Programme Manager  Sarah Steele came to Frensham Pond Sailing Club to present a cheque for £250 to Frensham Pond Sailability. Brian Grimwood, in thanking them for their generosity, explained how important donations such as this were to the operation of Sailability. The WI members were able to watch the activities of the Saturday morning Youth Group.








The official presentation of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service was made on Thursday 4 August. It was a bright, sunny day with a good wind for sailing. It was also the ideal day for a party. Local dignitaries joined the Trustees and volunteers at Frensham Pond Sailability

The Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, Michael More-Molyneux, accompanied by the Deputy Lord-Lieutenant, Bill Biddell DL,  brought the official grant from the Queen and  an engraved glass trophy  to present to Frensham Pond Sailability. It was formally received by two young helpers,  Hattie Owen and Lucy Edgar.

A number of local dignitaries attended the event, including the High Sheriff of Surrey, Richard Whittington, the Mayor of Waverley, Councillor Chris Storey  and Farnham Town Mayor and his Consort, John and Gillian Ward. The two assessors for the Award,  Rosham Bailey and Jenny Griffiths also attended.  After a formal welcome to the Sailing Club from Sailing Club Commodore Colin Dutton, who explained how important Sailability has been in the life of the Club since 2001, The Deputy Lord-Lieutenant read out the wording on the Royal Certificate, and the Lord-Lieutent presented the Award.  He went on to thank all the volunteers on behalf of Surrey and to emphasise what a difference the work of volunteers makes to the community. Responding on behalf of Sailability, John Richardson, Chair of the Trustees, expressed everyone’s appreciation for a really special honour. As the organisation approaches its 15th anniversary he noted that it had provided more than 20,000 sailing experiences to disabled people and those with a long term illness. He concluded by recognising that it was all started by Ted Bonner back in 1982 when, through Farnham and District Sports Association for the Disabled, sailing for people with disabilities began at Frensham.

Following the formal speeches everyone adjourned to the Clubhouse for a celebratory drink and some light refreshments. While everyone was relaxing they were able to enjoy a display of sailing, which showed off the setting to perfection and the skills of some disabled  sailors.



Rotary Funds New Boat Ellie 2 - Launched on 28 April 2016



A group of Rotarians from 6 local clubs gathered together at Frensham Pond Sailing Club to celebrate the launch of the new Sailability boat, Ellie 2. The Rotary clubs have come together and raised sufficient money to provide a replacement boat for Ellie. That boat was originally bought by Camberley Rotaract in 2004 and has now come to the end of its life. Several Rotary clubs have close links with Sailability, and a number of Rotarians belong to the army of helpers. The boat was launched by John Grenham of Farnborough Rotary Club, who is Assistant District Governor of District 1145, the District to which all the clubs belong, who wished success and enjoyment to all who sail in her. The Rotarians present were John Grenham (Farnborough and Assistant Governor District 1145), Peter Sauter (Farnham Weyside), Stuart Bass and Dick Harris (Hart), John Forsyth and Chris Johnson (Fleet), George Alford (Farnham), and Alan Costello (Camberley).



“Breeze” Sails Off In The Breeze  -  21 April 2016



The start of the 2016 sailing season at Frensham Pond Sailability was marked by the arrival of a new boat “Breeze”. Money raised by the COINS Foundation enabled the purchase of a 303 Hansa dinghy. The COINS Foundation and its founder, Larry Sullivan, have been generous supporters of Sailability from its inception. They have provided two other boats in the past, both named after daughters of Larry. This time, the name was chosen by one of the sailors from Stepping Stones, who felt that it described how they felt while sailing at Frensham Pond.


Stepping Stones has brought children to learn and enjoy sailing to Sailability for many years now. Approximately 20 children from the school are interested in sailing, and they come in small groups every week. Its work is supported by the COINS Foundation.


The day for launching “Breeze” was bright and breezy! The honours were performed by Melissa Farnham, Executive Headteacher of Stepping Stones, who gave her good wishes to everyone who will sail in “Breeze”. This was followed by an enjoyable party, with refreshments provided by Stepping Stones own cake shop, the Cookie Bar.



Frensham Pond Sailability were delighted to be invited to meet Lady Beryl Tindle and the other helpers at the Downing Street Charity Shop, where they were presented with a cheque for £1,000 representing the trading from Christmas sales, Vicki Hinde and Michael Buttler expressed their thanks and gratitude for such a generous donation and said how much it would help the disabled sailors who come to Frensham Pond Sailability.




There was a real end-of-term atmosphere on Saturday 31 October as the 2015 season closed at Frensham Pond Sailability. The day was marked by a party spirit with sparkly headgear, cakes and doughnuts, and the presentation of certificates and for meeting the season's challenges. The winners of the different boat classes received their trophies and awards for progress, and the highlight of the morning was the presentation by trustees of the Wisley Foundation of the Wisley Endeavour Trophy to Parice Smith for her courage and determination as a relatively inexperienced participant with Sailability.

This trophy is sponsored by The Wisley Foundation, the charitable arm of Wisley Golf Club is particularly active in supporting projects for young people and the elderly and has been generous in helping Frensham Pond Sailability bring a purpose-built Hansa sailing boat plus other essential equipment to the sailing programme.




Congratulations to the following who received awards at the Farnham Sports Awards:

Lisa Skirrow
Paul Phillips
John Townsley
Ted Bonner

To read the full article in the Farnham Herald click here.



Sailability has acquired a smart new addition to its fleet thanks to Farnham-based charity Help Autistic Children (HAC). They held a fundraising day at Hankley Common Golf Club and raised enough money to buy a Laser Stratos Keel dinghy. This new boat was launched recently at Frensham Great Pond. The ceremony was attended by four representatives of HAC led by chairman Paul Findley and they were welcomed by Paul Phillips and Richard Smallwood. Paul Phillips thanked the visitors for their generosity as the new boat would greatly enhance the sailing opportunities for the Sailability members at Frensham Pond for many years to come.  Paul Findley said how gratifying it was to see such a smart boat, complete with their logo on the mainsail, which he was confident would give great enjoyment to the members.  In the traditional way he then splashed a suitable liquid onto the bow of the boat, naming her Jemima. This was the name of the young person with autism who had inspired the formation of the HAC charity.


Following the formal ceremony Paul Findley and HAC member Jane Powis were then treated to a sail around Frensham Pond in Jemima and said how impressed they were and promised to return to see the boat in action later in the summer.



Concert supporting Sailability – 21 February 2015 at Charterhouse School

The Guildford Symphony Orchestra are performing a concert at Charterhouse School on 21 February in aid of Sailability.
The programme is:

Mendelssohn Overture - Ruy Blas
Dvorak Symphony no.6
Elgar Cello Concerto in E minor

Cello Soloist: Arthur Boutillier

Conductor: Darrell Davison

To book tickets go to the Guildford Symphony Orchestra website :

Or contact

GSO Box Office: 01483 415847
Guildford Tourist Information: 01483 444334
Record Corner 01483 422006

Ticket prices are £14, £7 under 25s, £5 under 11

For more information see


Young Volunteer of the Year Winners

Congratulations to Toby and Ollie Fitzgerald who won the Surrey Playing Fields Young Volunteer of the Year Award at the Surrey Sports Awards at Kempton Park Racecourse. This was for their work at Frensham Pond Sailability, where they have made a huge contribution to the Youth Group and its success.


Nick's Thursday Hansa Race Series

The late summer series had 6 qualifiers and was won quite convincingly by Paul Phillips with 12 wins, with Tessa Watkiss in 2nd with 7 wins. Combining the final scores for the early and late series reverses the positions, with Tessa on 34 points and 18 wins and Paul on 35 points and also on 18 wins, close or what!


Oxford - Wednesday 16th October

The final TT of the season saw FPS dominate the 303 1 Person class which was won by James Woosnam, with Tessa Watkiss 2nd, Paul Phillips 3rd and Ali Grant 4th. For a full race report click here.

Overall TT Series Results: Congratulations to Paul Phillips on winning the overall 303 1 Person series and to Lindsay Burns on winning the 2.3 series again.

Click here for the 2014 Hansa/Access National TT Series Final Results.


Frensham - Wednesday/Thursday 8th/9th October

The TT and National Championship were held on the 8th and 9th October respectively. Conditions were very challenging with 20 to 30 mph squalls and thunderstorms! Frensham took a clean sweep in the TT with wins for Monique Foster in the 303 single, Peter and Peta Etherton in the 303 double, and Lindsay Burns in the 2.3. We nearly did the double in the National Championship with Lindays Burns winning the 2.3, Monique Foster the 303 single. FPS was also represented in the TT by Lara Sturgis and Greg Parker. Greg, sailing in his first national competition, did extremely well in the difficult conditions and was rewarded with an excellent third place in the TT series and was also awarded the Novice Cup for the event, with Lara in 5th. For a full race report click here.


£4,000 raised for Sailability

Charlie Edwards, Lester Hill and Freddie Burns left the Houses of Parliament at 3am on Saturday 27th September and cycled to Paris arriving just after midnight. They did it in memory of their friend Andrew Bridge who was one of the crew lost on the Cheeki Rafiki earlier this year in the Atlantic. A fuller report on their ride is available here. Donations can be made by clicking on the following link:


Woolverston - Wednesday 24th September

Six of our sailors headed to Ipswich for The Woolverstone Project at Alton Water. They met with challenging conditons as the wind reached gusts of 25 knots during the day!

We had a successful day with Lindsay Burns winning in the 2.3. Meanwhile Andy Sheath and Ced Sheath came 2nd in the two person 303. The one person 303 was won by Monique Foster with Kate Hedley 3rd and Paul Phillips 4th. For a full race report click here.


FPS Sailors - Your Survey

Your views are really important in shaping the future of our club !!

  • Survey closes at the end of September
  • To complete the survey, you may:
    • print it off and hand it in to the Welcome Desk on your next visit
    • complete the attachment and email either a scan or the typed form back to Mark, email below.
    • collect a form from the Welcome Desk - we will shortly have copies available to pick up
  • We will provide feedback on the results at the Forum as part of a discussion on the club's future
  • Over the coming year we will update you on progress with a 'You Said, We Did' report

SO! Please fill out a survey - it really is a 10 minute job - and tell us what you think ..............................
Many thanks.
Regards, Mark Greenwood
Membership Secretary
Frensham Pond Sailability
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In Memory of Andrew Bridge

Most of you will be aware of the tragic loss of the yacht 'Cheekirafiki' and all her crew in May this year. The skipper, Andrew Bridge, and his family had a very close association with Frensham Pond Sailing Club over many years. A group of Andrew's friends are planning a sponsored cycle ride from London to Paris in under 24 hours in September in memory of Andrew, and are very generously donating the proceeds to Frensham Pond Sailability. Further details and donations can be made by clicking on the following link.


Bristol - Saturday 30th August

Frensham were nearly the only club represented in the 303 one person with James Woosnam winning. Tessa Watkiss was 2nd, Paul Phillips 3rd and Martin (Hurricane) Hadley from New Forest was 4th. In the 303 two person Peter and Peta Etherton were on the rostrum in 3rd and Lindsay Burns being the lone 2.3 competitor came 1st. For a full race report click here.


Fleet Lions Donate New Boat For Frensham Sailability

On Thursday 21st of August Fleet Lions launched their new Hansa 303 dinghy. This boat is named in honour of former Lions member Ian Imray MBE and was launched by his widow, Joy who poured the champagne.

The boat was then launched in the water by members of the Imray family. Fleet Lions President Paul Doughty and former president and Sailability helper Julian Behmber paid tribute to Ian Imray.

No less than three Sailability boats have been donated by Fleet Lions who also provide a number of active helpers. Fleet Lions also donated a defibrillator which later saved the life of a member.


Frampton - Wednesday 13th August

Frensham took nearly a clean sweep in the 303 one person as there were only two sailors from other clubs. Paul Phillips won with Tessa Watkiss 2nd, Kate Hedley 3rd, James Woosnam 4th and Alison Grant 6th. Lindsay Burns came 2nd in the 2.3. For a full race report click here.


RYA Multiclass Rutland - Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August

More success for Frensham with Lindsay Burns taking the honours in the 2.3. Paul Phillips won the 303 one person with Monique Foster 2nd and Tessa Watkiss 4th. Andy Sheath and Kate Lintott came 4th in the 303 two person. For a full race report click here.


Notts County - Wednesday 2nd July

Frensham sailors did not have any other clubs to race against in the 303 single person. Monique Foster took 1st place, Tessa Watkiss 2nd, Kate Hedley 3rd and Alison Grant 4th. There was competition in the 2.3 and Lindsay Burns came 2nd. For a full race report click here.


Two new boats for Sailability

On Saturday 24th May Sailability launched a new boat to join their fleet. Kate Richardson, welcomed David Frank, Chairman of the Community Foundation for Surrey to the event. Joining him were Shirley Jeffries, also from the Community Foundation for Surrey and James Dickens and Jo Ranger from Grierson Dickens, Chartered Financial Planners who represented a donor to the Foundation who had sailed at Frensham Pond as a youngster.

Simply the Best launchThe new boat, “Simply the Best” is a Hansa 2.3, which David Frank launched in the traditional manner with a bottle of Champagne, and shortly afterwards Tommy Dickens went for a short sail with one of the Sailability helpers.

Frensham Pond was busy that day with The Sailability Youth Group and adult  members who came to sail with Sailability. David Frank commented that this was his first visit to Frensham Pond and he was pleased to see that the activities met their objective of matching local donors with local needs to support a project of clear community value. Kate Richardson remarked that the continued support from the Community Foundation for Surrey particularly helped the Youth Sailing Project which is aimed at young people with disabilities, who may be unable to participate in other sports. It gives them a sporting hobby for life and also provides them with a social network of peers..

Funding for this new boat also came from the Wisley Foundation which has long been a supporter of Frensham Pond Sailability and the Youth Sailing Project in particular, and Kate Richardson expressed her gratitude for their continued support.


A second boat, “Running on Water” was bought  thanks to Year 6 Pupils and staff from Cranleigh Preparatory School who raised more than £5,000, to buy a  new sailing boat. The boat was named by pupil Lily Mitchell and launched on Saturday 31 May by a group from the school. The children’s initiatives  included cake sales, busking, recycling and a summer fair. In addition, one of their teachers,  Dudley Manning,  ran 500 miles in three separate events. 

Running on Water launch“We are hugely grateful to the staff and pupils from Cranleigh Prep for their support and generous donation to support the project,” said Kate Richardson, Chair of Frensham Ponds Sailability. “When I became involved with Sailability four years ago it had a large adult membership but very few youngsters and we were keen to encourage young people to take the next step and enjoy sailing as a hobby.

“We are now three years into the programme and have around 12 young people with a diverse range of disabilities sailing every Saturday morning. The addition of this new boat has meant that each youngster can sail independently within the group and compete for a weekly trophy.



Launch of Laser Stratos Tawny Owl – May 10th

Launch of Tawny OwlFrensham Pond Sailability were very pleased to welcome FPS sailor Jill Innes and her family: the Rev John Innes and Mrs Sue Innes, and her brother and sister for the launch of the new Laser Stratos dinghy “Tawny Owl” donated by Jill and her family. The Reverend Innes explained that Jill had donated the new boat as a token of gratitude to Sailability. They are especially grateful to Elizabth Gradwell, the MS Practitioner, who introduced Jill to the Club and to the volunteers who have helped and taken Jill out sailing.


Launch of Tawny OwlJill has been a member of Frensham Pond Sailability for the last 6 years. Prior to her disability Jill had been nurse at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and Kings College London. She was a very keen caver and has been down some of the world’s deepest caves. Frensham Pond Sailability has given her the opportunity to remain active and to participate in a sport despite her increasing disability. The Laser Stratos “Tawny Owl” is a fantastic asset to the FPS fleet as it is stable and allows sailors to be accompanied by their carer as well as the FPS buddy and helm.



Paralympic Sailor Megan Pascoe joins FPS Youth Group – 10th May


Megan PascoeThe FPS Youth Group invited the FPSC cadet sailors to join them for a joint sailing session for two Saturdays this season.  Each cadet sailors was paired with a Youth Group member in the 2 person Hansa boat.  We were fortunate to be joined by Paralympic Elite sailor Megan Pascoe.

FPS Youth Group


FPS Youth GroupFPS Youth Group



New Forrest TT - Wednesday 11th June

Frensham again dominated the day's racing with Tessa Watkiss 1st, Paul Phillips 2nd, James Woosnam 3rd, Kate Hedley 4th and Alison Grant 6th in the one person 303. Lindsay Burns won the 2.3. For a full race report click here.


Carsington TT - Wednesday 28th May

Three Frensham sailors headed north for the Carsington TT and Lindsay Burns again won the 2.3 with Monique Foster winning the one person 303 and Tessa Watkiss coming 3rd. For a full race report click here.


Whitefriars TT - Wednesday 14th May

The best day's racing so far this year saw wins for Peter and Peta Etherton in the two person 303 and Lindsay Burns in the 2.3. In the one person 303 Paul Phillips was first with Tessa Watkins 2nd, James Woosnam 3rd and Kate Hedley 4th. For a full race report click here.


Wealden TT - Monday 28th April

Frensham's success continued at the second TT of the season. Lindsay Burns was unopposed in the 2.3. Paul Phillips, Margaret Foreman and James Woosnam came 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the one person 303. While in the two person 303 Peter and Peta Etherton came 2nd with Andy Sheath and Reg Hook coming 3rd. For a full race report click here.


Burghfield TT - Monday 14th April

Frensham had an excellent start to the season with a clean sweep of all the classes entered. With Lindsay Burns winning the 2.3, James Woosnam the one person 303, and Peter and Peta Etherton the two person 303. For a full race report click here.


RYA Youth Volunteer Award

Last weekend two of our young volunteers, Rebecca Rayner and Ella Hargreaves were awarded joint winners of the RYA Youth Volunteer Award.  They were presented with their award at the RYA National Conference - pictured here  with the RYA Chief Executive Sarah Treseder and the after dinner speaker Gerry Hughes (the worlds first deaf yachtsman to sail single handed around the world).  



FPS Champions at the Farnham Sports Awards

FPS Youth Sailors, Jo and Sam Dyer were champions at the Farnham Sports Council Awards winning the Disabled Category and FPS helper, Yvonne Cockett was recognised for her services to sport.

Jo and Sam are founder members of the  FPS Youth group and have learnt to sail independently and race on Frensham Pond despite their significant learning difficulties.  Well done!

Yvonne Cockett was highly commended in the Services to Sport category for her support to Frensham Pond Sailability and Farnham District Sports Association for the Disabled for the last 20 years!   Congratulations!    Without the support of our volunteers none of our sailors would get on the water!


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