2014 Sailability TT Results

Oxford - Wednesday 16th October

The 12th and last event in the Hansa National TT Series and the 4th and last in the Hansa Southern TT Series took place at Oxford on 22nd October but organisers wondered if the force 7-8 gale blowing on Tuesday would put everyone off. Thankfully it didn't and the fleets, although reduced, assembled in a cool but steady Force 2-3 breeze the following day.

First start was the Liberty fleet. David Durston of Whitefriars proved that a clean hull and good sails are a fast combination with three wins. An immaculate start in race 3, right on the gun, showed that good sailing also helps. Rutland's Simon Harle trailed in the morning but found form in the afternoon for second overall with a 3, 3, 2, 1 score-line. Vince Barton from New Forest got the best out of older sails with some good boat handling for a 2, 2, 3, 2 score and was unlucky not to do better than third.

It was a Frensham walkover in the 303 Single person class, with James Woosnam, fast off the start line, usually leading the fleet and discarding a second place to win convincingly. Tessa Watkiss beat James in the last race for second overall, with consistent fast sailing followed by Paul Phillips in the 303 Sport, always in touch and a consistent third.

There were just two 303 doubles but the fast and pristine yellow sails of Rutland's Chris Emmet and Malcolm Kirk kept up with the top three Singles, showing that their win was no fluke and a slim crew minimises the weight disadvantage.

There were only four 2.3s, including one with a crew. Pat Crowley has an enviable record this year, coming 3rd at the UK Nationals, winning two other events and always being in the top three. Despite the absence of other front runners, Pat maintained a high standard of sailing to dominate the fleet and win by a large margin.

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Frensham - Wednesday/Thursday 8th/9th October

This was so very nearly the meeting that never happened. The UK Hansa class formerly Access was stuck for a venue before Frensham, with long experience of successful open meetings stepped in and organised the event. The national event was open to all but on Wednesday two UK only competitions were raced for: The TT and National Traveller's Trophy with separate prizes.

In reality this became an International championships, with 38 entrants and a large contingent from France and Holland. The weather was challenging. Periods of warm sunshine were broken by torrential rain and twenty to thirty knot squalls as well as thunder and lightning strikes in the lake. As will be seen these brought some moments of high drama. Eventually only five of the six planned races were sailed as by Thursday afternoon the wind strength was unreasonable.

Dramatic incident.
The challenging conditions seemed to make little difference to the leading helms and crews. The heavy gusts were the cause of several incidents. Hansas are self righting but can be subjected to knock downs. In the second race on Wednesday a sailor suffered a knock down and was projected out of his boat with a leg trapped inside. By now he was in very serious danger, being head down in the water. Another competitor seeing this diverted from their course and freed the sailor and then waited for the safety boat. The rescuers were a visiting French crew from Calais: Stephane Collier and Jeremie Chauchoy. This was a well placed crew who lost ground in the race but could not claim redress because shortly afterwards they had a gear failure and retired. But their sportsmanship won them the special Endeavour cup.

The two person Hansa 303 class was dominated by the visitors. With four first places the runaway winners were Akko Van der Veen and Liza Elburg from Zeewolde Netherlands. The home sailors were happy to clean up the prizes for the single handed 2.3 and the single-handed 303 Hansa. Lindsay Burns of Frensham already European champion had a hard fight with French entry Gerard Eychenne but it was Lindsay who had four straight wins. In the single handed 303, home sailors took the first three places the winner being Frensham's Monique Foster followed by James Woosnam and Kate Hedley, fourth place was Tony Barkes of Waveney SC. The single-handed Hansa Liberty was dominated throughout by visitors including three competitors using full servo control. The event was taken by Ric Cassell of Rutland SC with five straight wins. The sixth and last race on Thursday had to be cancelled with squalls of up to thirty knots hitting the lake and the need for the cross Channel visitors to catch their ferry.

Special praise must go to the kitchen team who cooked a fine dinner on Wednesday evening and after the Thursday winds and rain provided all with warm soup.
Also the race team led by Graham Howlett braved all the conditions in the open committee boat. Thanks also to the Mayor of Farnham Councillor Jeremy Ricketts who presented the main prizes along with Frensham's commodore Keith Videlo and Sailability's Kate Richardson.

Results: Hansa 2.3. 1st: Lindsay Burns - Frensham. 2nd: Gerard Etienne – France.
3rd: Pat Crowley – Rutland SC.

Liberty Class. 1st Rick Cassel – Rutland sc. 2nd: David Durston – Whitefriars SC.
3rd Tom Harper – New Forest SC (using full servo). 4th: Vince Barton – New Forest SC.

Single handed Hansa 303. 1st: Monique Foster – Frensham. 2nd: James Woosman – Frensham. 3rd: Kate Hedley – Frensham. 4th: Tony Barkes – Waveney SC.

Hansa 303 Two Handed. 1st: Akko van der Veen and Liza Eburg – Nederland Zeewolde.
2nd: Stephane Collier and Jeremie Chauchoy –France CEV Berck. 3rd: Frederic Magnier and Jean Philippe Lepetre – France CEV Berck. 4th: Peter and Peta Etherton – Frensham.

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Woolverston - Wednesday 24th September

At was great to host the Hansa meeting at Alton Water yesterday (24th Sept) with The Woolverstone Project. Four of our sailors were joined by sailors from Frensham, Tideway and Whitefriars. We had four Hansa Classes. They consisted of two Libertys, four Hansa 303 Solo, three Hansa 303 doubles and three Hansa 2.3s. Their racing made for a great event.

We started to set up early with sun and little wind, but by the time everyone was ready to go it was pouring with rain and the wind had risen to 15 knots, but soon the sun came out and the racing was really good to watch.

After an extra pause at lunchtime, when we were getting 25kt gusts, we eventually continued, but a few decided to join the spectators.

Six 3.03s set out for two good afternoon races before tea and prize-giving, which was not just for the day but for the overall Northern TT Series.

Hansa 2.3 Traveller Class results:

First Lindsay Burns - Frensham Second Bev Freeman - Woolverstone Third David Cousins - Woolverstone

Hansa 303 One Person Class results:

First - Monique Foster - Frensham
Second - Leslie Philip - Tideway/London
Third - Kate Hedley - Frensham
Fourth - Paul Philips - Frensham

Hansa 303 Two Person Class results:

First - Hugh Lansdowne and Anita Harding - Tideway/London
Second - Andy Sheath and Ced Sheath - Frensham
Third Robbie Johns and Roy Smith - Woolverstone

Bristol - Saturday 30th August

All Aboard Watersports and Baltic Wharf Sailing Club welcomed the Hansa TT Series to Bristol on a beautiful Saturday in late August. Sun alternated with clouds, and steady winds from the west were only occasionally interrupted by stronger gusts that kept the sailing interesting.

Bristol offers a unique sailing experience in the centre of the city and in the middle of a working harbour. As usual, the weekend water traffic added interest to the course; this year the Pride of Bristol joined the paddle boards, canoes, ferries and tourist boats that normally populate the race course.

All sailors and craft arrived early, allowing ample time for rigging, race briefing and launching in time for an 11 am start. With four separate classes (and three separate starts), and two races before lunch and a further two afterwards, the race kept the army of centre and club volunteers busy, with tasks divided between the race committee on the docks and the four safety craft on the water.

Competition was fierce and the race a pleasure for all to watch, particularly in the afternoon races, as the sailors became more familiar with both the course and the wind conditions in the harbour.

The results were very close, but victory was at last claimed by the following...

Hansa 2.3:

First - Lindsay Burns, Frensham Pond Sailability

Hansa 303 - One Person:

First - James Woosnam, Frensham Pond Sailability
Second - Tessa Watkiss, Frensham Pond Sailability
Third - Martin (Hurricane) Hadley, New Forrest Sailability

Hansa 303 – Two Person:

First - Ian Clemants and Tom Hole, Chew Valley Sailability
Second - Phillip & Nicole Hall, Chesil Sailability
Third - Peter and Peta Etherton, Frensham Pond Sailability

Frampton - Wednesday 13th August

Wednesday 13th August dawned a good day for the western area TT at Frampton on Severn Sailing Club. After our coffee and Bacon Butties everything looked set for some good racing.

The OOD set a figure of 8 course with the first beat into a SW 10mph breeze and 18 boats set out to race. Twenty minutes into the first race a weather front came through bringing 10 minutes of torrential rain and a wind shift to WNW, gusting up to 20mph, this became a testing time for the competitors but all finished except Mark Collyer who had a damaged seat in his 2.3.

The marks for the second race were reset and off everyone went in 10mph winds for a close but uneventful race. The race honours having changed for each race.

After an excellent lunch the next two races got underway, the course having been changed to a triangle with a WNW beat. The wind strength was 8 – 12 mph with a slight oscillation in the direction, and was generally dry throughout.

Again the races were closely fought in all classes except the 2.3 where Pat Crowley had runaway wins.


RYA Multiclass Rutland - Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August

The 2 Day RYA Sailability Multiclass Regatta at Rutland involves the 2.4 Class as well as the Hansa Class and other classes. It incorporates the Hansa TT event based on the results of Saturday's races and the Sunday race results are then combined to give the overall fleet results by class as well as the new Hansa Grand Prix Series event. FPS sailors did very well - in the 2.4 Class overall John Brooker finished 3rd, Kate Hedley 4th and Peter Gregory 5th with FPSC sailors Simon Hill 2nd Bruce Padfield 6th.

In the Hansa Class TT event Lindsay Burns won the 2.3 Class after a close battle with Rutland's Pat Crowley; in the 303 singles class Paul Phillips won with Monique Foster 2nd and Tessa Watkiss 4th with Martin Hadley 5th for New Forest. In the 303 doubles class, Andy Sheath & Kate Lintott finished 6th out of 10 entries, with crews from Singapore taking 1st and 3rd places. The Hansa Class overall & GP1 results had Lindsay taking the 2.3 honours, Monique 1st in the 303 singles with Paul 3rd and Tessa 4th and Andy & Kate 5th overall in the 303 doubles. Full results here.


Notts County - Wednesday 2nd July

The sun shone, winds hovered between 4 and 6 mph and sun tan cream was essential for the Hansa Travellers' annual visit to Notts County Sailing Club.

Nineteen boats assembled to race. The Liberty boats were first away and Joe Taylor established a lead which he held for the whole race. Second place was heavily contested between Ric Cassell and Simon Harle with Simon Harle finally gaining the advantage and finishing second. Ten 303s were competing 5 with crews and 5 being sailed by one person. Six 203s had close racing throughout.

The first boat finished at 12.20 and led the race to the galley, where, as always, lunch was enjoyed by all. The bar was open, but appeared to be patronised better by the spectators than those on the water, which suggests that there are some benefits for those who only stand and wait.

Conditions remained the same when racing resumed after lunch although one of the 303s shanghaied a spectator and thus moved from the one person to the two person fleet. Racing again was close. Joe Taylor kept his lead in the Liberty Boats, but Ric Cassell managed to pull away from Simon Harle and beat him in both races to earn himself the second place.

In the 303 two person fleet Michael Slater and Tim Cripps (making a come-back after a couple of years off) held on to first place in both races and Hugh Lansdowne and Leslie Philip moved up the ranks to second.

Two seconds gave Monique Foster first place in the 303 single person class and a win in the final race put Tessa Watkins in second place above Katherine Hedley.

Lindsay Burns (last year's European champion) was the first to congratulate Pat Crowley on his success in the last race which gave him an overall victory in the 2.3s.


New Forrest - Wednesday 11th June

On 11th June, New Forest & District Sailability, at Spinnaker Club, Ringwood, hosted their annual Hansa TT event for the Southern Region. The weather forecast was very light winds and on arrival the lake was flat and calm, making people wonder if sailing would take place at all; but it was warm and sunny for a change.

Teams from Frensham, Tideway, Swarkestone, Whitefriars and Chesil joined the New Forest locals giving more than 20 entrants in the four classes. There was the usual frantic but organised unloading and launching of boats with the help of the efficient volunteers, who were also ensuring accurate registration, bacon butties, coffees and teas, safety boat cover and the all-important course setting and race management.

Race Officer Mike Robinson briefed the competitors, having set an essentially windward, leeward course with an offset mark giving a slight triangle. The leeward end was a gate lending a degree of variation and a tactical question for the competitors.

As if on cue the wind became strong enough to have a decent race. The pontoon volunteers led by Jonathan soon had all the sailors on the water ready for the start. The Hansa Libertys started first followed by both single handed and double Hansa 303's together then the Hansa 2.3s at five minute intervals.

There was close and excellent racing in all classes throughout the day, with four races for each class. The starts were crucial as usual and made more demanding by the starboard tack and race hut end being the shore side. It also shallows causing a couple of boats to go aground, admittedly inside the inner distance marker.

The lake at Spinnaker is notorious for shifting winds and this really made itself evident at the windward mark. Many boats didn't lay the mark and attempts to pinch past or shoot the mark caused entertaining congestion and no doubt a good testing of the rules. However, showing the sporting spirit of Hansa TT racing, no protests came forward. Positions changed frequently, particularly in the Libertys and single 303s: For the Libertys it appeared to be the upwind legs that made the most difference, although the choice of rounding mark at the leeward gate was significant in at least one race. With the bigger 303 fleet, the downwind legs were equally competitive, with bunches of boats developing giving plenty of scope for pinching wind, positioning on approach to the leeward gate for water and, again, choice of end at the gate.

In the first Liberty race Ric Cassell led from start to finish putting down a strong challenge to the others. However, Tom Harper won the next 3 races and Vince Barton achieved a consistent three second places. David Durston, the winner at New Forest last year, was not on his usual form, although did also have a technical problem.

The Frensham team dominated the single 303 class, taking the top 6 places except for Martin "Hurricane" Hadley valiantly splitting them in 5th place. Tessa Watkins and Paul Phillips were 1st and 2nd respectively with just one point between them.

The double 303 trophy was won by newcomer from Chesil (a new sailability centre) Dick Foyle, crewed by Bob Webb, also winning by just one point.

Lindsay Burns took the 2.3 class, being supreme enough to forego the fourth race having secured three firsts, despite the late entrance of a couple of experienced sailors against her.


Carsington - Wednesday 28th May

After a wet start to the day competitors enjoyed a good day's racing at the forth Traveller event in the 2014 Hansa series at Carsington Sailing Club hosted by Carsington Sailability on Wednesday 28 May. Fourteen boats competed for the "Duke of Devonshire Cup" and "Bakewell Rotary Shield". The event included four Hansa/Access Classes and attracted entries from Sailability clubs from far and near.

Carsington Sailability has hosted the event for the past 14 years and it was good to see the sailors enjoying the days competition.

The teams followed a triangular course set within view of the clubhouse so that spectators could enjoy the days racing also. Four races were contested, with all competitors on good form. Racing manners were impeccable as the buoys were rounded and the new course chosen. Strong winds with some heavy gusts tested both competitors and rigging with some boats returning to the jetty for repairs and reefing adjustments.

The new additional hoist purchased via a Sport England Grant proved invaluable in speeding up the job of getting competitors on and off the water. Queues moved quickly thanks to supporters, helpers and good humour.

A good lunch menu was available thanks to the Galley and was eagerly consumed before the afternoon's racing began.

Access 2.3 Class

First Place and winner of the "Duke of Devonshire Trophy" - Lindsay Burns - Frensham
Second – Pat Crowley - Rutland
Third – Chris Hole - Rutland

Access 303 One Person Class

First place – Monique Foster - Frensham
Second – Martin (Huricane) Hadley – New Forest
Third – Tessa Watkiss – Frensham

Access 303 Two Person Class

First place and winners of the "Bakewell Rotary Shield" – Chris Emmet and Bill Ridlington - Rutland
Second – Lesley Philip and Hugh Lansdowne - Tideway London
Third – Nichola Brown and Roy Emerson – Scaling Dam


Whitefriars - Wednesday 14th May

The forecast was pretty much spot on, with a bit more wind and some interesting shifts to provide the best day's racing so far this year. We had 5 Liberty's (David D, Simon H, Tom H, Vince B & Rick C) 5 solo 303's (the FPS 4 + New Forest's Martin H) 2 double 303's (P&P and the Tideway pair) and Lindsay in the singleton 2.3 with a short cameo appearance by Peter Fitz in a local 2.3. With a nice long beat the Liberty's could stretch their legs and they had good close racing all day, with David D coming out on top from Vince and Tom.

With only 7 entries, the 303's started together without incidents and the solos had very close battles all day too, with Paul P leading into lunch and Tessa coming back very strongly after lunch and pushing Paul very hard. James, Tessa and Martin were all in the mix at one point or another too but Paul prevailed with Tessa 2nd and James 3rd. In the doubles P&P had to work hard to stay ahead of Hugh & Leslie and Lindsay took the 2.3 honours. Our thanks to Richard, John H and Shaun for towing and to Terry T, Peter Fitz, Steve W, Derek P for their help and to Nick & Carol who were going to join us until fate intervened.


Wealden - Monday 28th April

5 x 303's and 1 x 2.3 went to Wealden Sailaibility at Chipstead (Kent) thanks to Ali, Richard and John T towing the trailers once again with additional support in the shape of Nick & Carol, Steve W, Ian C, Terry T, Paul's mum, Ali's PA and Peta. The Frensham sailors included James and Margaret using local boats and there were another 6 303's sailed by local and visiting solo and doubles crews and 3 Liberty's.

Contrary to many forecasts (except XC Weather) it was dry with some sunshine and some cloud with a good strength Easterly wind. This, together with a compact course, made for some very interesting racing for most of us. As the only 2.3, Lindsay started with the Liberty's to save time; Chris Atkin gave David Durston a good run for his money once he got to grips with his borrowed Liberty. David D just held off Chris to take the overall Liberty honours and Lindsay's unopposed run in the 2.3 assured her of 1st place.

13 single and double 303's on the start line made for some very close racing with several incidents throughout the day. The strength in depth of the Frensham solo sailors really showed here with James, Margaret, Tessa, Paul P and Kate H all competing strongly for the leading positions in all 4 races. 4 different race winners guaranteed a very close battle for the overall honours, with Paul P just coming out on top, Margaret 2nd, James 3rd, Tessa 4th and Kate H 5th despite taking her first TT win in the last race. The 303 doubles saw Tideway's Hugh Lansdown (sailing with a local crew) take the overall honours on count back from P&P in 2nd and Andy Sheath, sailing with friend Reg, who pushed hard in the afternoon to take 3rd.

Another successful outing for Frensham and we all enjoyed a very well run TT by the very helpful, friendly and welcoming volunteers at Wealden.


Burghfield - Monday 14th April

7 x 303's and 1 x 2.3 went to Burghfield thanks to Ali, Richard, John T and Mike F towing the trailers with additional support in the shape of Nick, David F, Brian S, Paula, Paul's mum and Peta. The Frensham fleet was joined by 3 Liberty's, a local 2.3 sailor and Martin H and the Tideway pair in local 303's. Bright sunshine and a cool but good strength Northerly wind was the perfect recipe for some great racing in the morning. The sun warmed things up a bit by lunchtime and a course change due to a shift in the wind, which had also eased a bit, made things interesting for the final two races in the afternoon.

Lindsay took the 2.3 honours while in the 303 singles James fended off a strong challenge from Tessa and Monique to take his first TT win, with Ali, Kate and Paul P all in the mix at one point or another.  Martin H found that his borrowed 303 went better in the afternoon with the rudder positioned the right way round! In the 303 doubles, having lost the 3rd race after the two morning wins, P&P had to work hard in the last race to catch and pass the Tideway pair to take the honours on the last lap. The Liberty class went to Rick Cassell from Simon Harle, with Tom Harper retiring due to continual technical problems. So a successful start to the season for Frensham but disappointing to see so few sailors turning out from other clubs.