a. Rolling Sailability Safety Boat Roster

 Remember to record your driving hours on the sheet in the Pavilions. This is VERY IMPORTANT 



Safety Boat Helm Roster
Date Safety boat am pm
Thursday  2nd April 1 Ian Campbell Steve Wooding
  2nd April 2 Nick Wyatt  
Saturday 4th April 1 David Lebec  
Thursday  9th April 1 Ian Andrews Philip Knight
  9th April 2 Nick Clibborn  
Saturday 11th April 1 John Forsyth  
Thursday  16th April 1 Lisa Skirrow Nick Clibborn
  16th April 2 Simon Crowther  
Saturday 18th April 1 Phil Mutton  
Thursday  23rd April 1 Shaun Devoto Brian Grimwood
  23rd April 2 Elizabeth Gradwell  
Saturday 25th April 1 Colin Bolton  
Thursday  30th April 1 Nick Wyatt Roger Miller
  30th April 2 Ian Andrews  

* Indicates updated from printed copy in Pavillions due to swap.

Last Update Kate Hedley 13/3/2020