Frensham Pond - Volvo RYA Champion Club

RYA Youth Sailing

Frensham Pond was one of the first clubs in 1999 to become a Champion Club. This was recognition of many years of teaching youngsters to sail and race at top flight.

This now means that we:

  • Provide a structured Junior Race Programme in RYA recognised junior classes. In our case these classes are Cadet, Laser 4.7s and Laser Radials.

  • Provide regular class specific racing and coaching.

  • Develop youngsters enthusiasm and talent and encourage and support their development so that as many as possible gain places in the Volvo RYA Junior and Youth Development Programmes.

  • Encourage youngsters to attend training at other clubs and take part in Zone Qualifiers, Open and National Class Association and RYA events.

.... in other words the route to the top!


A measure of our success is that we currently have one Cadet team in the 2013 National Squad  another 3 teams in the National Junior Squad, with several others hot on their heals in the development squads.

One longer term measurement would be that many of our National Championship winners, who were Cadets at Frensham in fact still race here today from time to time. You almost couldn't get better coaches!

The Champion Club scheme is divided into two age bands, these are Juniors, in our case sailing Cadets, and Youth who are encouraged to sail Laser 4.7 & Radials (single-handed). 

The Club also recognises that not everyone will be in a Squad and may just want to race at home which is why we invest heavily in Club Cadets and RS Tera's to help introduce children to sailing and racing.

When Juniors move to the Youth section, they may want to continue to sail a double-hander and in this case we would encourage youngsters to continue to sail at Frensham in a range of boats.

'Best place to learn about what the wind does'
Roger Gilbert
RS200, RS400 National Champion and Endeavour Trophy Champion

'Couldn't be better for youngsters to start racing'
Nick Craig
OK, Enterprise National & World Champion and Endeavour Trophy Champion

'I really appreciate the encouragement, interest and support given to me from an early age by the Club and its members. I feel it has played an important role in the development of my sailing'

Andrea Brewster
Europe National Champion and Pre-Olympic Regatta sailor