The Frensham Enterprise fleet is one of the largest in the UK. Racing is well supported 
every weekend and sailors of all abilities take part. Several past and present members have received recognition at National and International level. In 2001 the club was extremely proud to win the coveted Southport 24hr race in an Enterprise - the 'Le Mans' of dinghy racing.

Designed by Jack Holt in 1956 the Enterprise is a traditional two-man racing dinghy with two sails (mainsail and jib). Spinnakers are available but are not used for class-racing in the UK. It is therefore extremely simple to sail and class-racing is tight and tactical. Construction materials are wood, traditional glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and foam-reinforced plastic (FRP). Composite construction (plastic hull and wooden decks) is also available.

  • Length: 4.04m
  • Beam: 1.6m
  • Weight: 95kg
  • Sail area: 10.5m2
  • Optimum weight of helm and crew: 120-130kg
  • PN: 1116

Frensham Pond Enterprise Fleet Captain:

Roger Carter
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Enterprise class website: www.sailenterprise.org.uk