As well as the established class racing at Frensham, we have a “class” for those who do not sail in a recognised fleet. Currently K Class racing is open to any boat, with a PY number of less than 1266, that does not have its own class start.  The K Class is the fleet from which new recognised fleets are born, and allows close and exciting racing under the PY handicap system.

The Sunday fleet races regularly include RS100, RS200, RS Aero, Lark, OK, Europe, and K1 boats.  Other K Class boats at Frensham, for example, Phantom, Merlin Rocket, RS Feva XL, and Comet, also race in handicap and pursuit races throughout the year.


Racing at Frensham

K Class racing takes place every Sunday, with the exception of open meeting days, alternating from mornings to afternoons every week.  In the summer the morning flight of racing begins at 11:00, with starts at 5-minute intervals.  The K Class is the 3rd start so the race starts at 11:10. The afternoon flight of racing begins at 14:45 and the K Class is again the 3rd start, so the race starts at 14:55.  In the winter, racing takes place every Sunday, on the same rotation system as the summer, except the K Class starts are at 10:40 and 14:10.

As well as K Class fleet racing, boats are also able to compete in all of the Handicap and Pursuit races organised by the club.  These take place on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, and Wednesday evenings in the summer.

For further details please do contact the Class Captain whose phone and email are included below.


Frensham Pond K Class Captain

Alan Dance
01483 429125
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.