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The Frensham RS Tera's meet at 10:30 every Saturday for a short briefing followed by a training session on the water which lasts till around 13:00.

The aim is to progress the sailing skills of the children on from RYA Youth Level 2 to wherever they wish to go; from racing to just increasing their confidence and enabling them to enjoy time on the water.

The Tera’s at Frensham mostly all have the Sport rig and are sailed by children who have done both the RYA Level 2 course and the Frensham pre-Cadet course.

For those keen and able to race there is a afternoon club race series on saturday afternoon the children can compete in, which is a good and friendly introduction to racing for them. Prizes for series winners and a yellow jersey for the monthly leader!

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During the summer months there is well organised and popular leisure sailing on the friday evening which many of the RS Tera Sailors and their families take part in and provides a good opportunity to socialize and meet.


For further information please speak to Class Captain:  Iain Soars

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About the RS Tera

The RS Tera is a single person sailing dinghy geared towards young sailors. Simlar to the Optimist only more responsive and more fun to sail. The boat is a one design so there is not the case where you have to pay more for a competitive boat.

The RS Tera is an ISAF International Class and an RYA Recognised Junior Class.

The hull is essentially a modern skiff design – pointed front flaring to flat bottomed, hard chine after-sections. It is very stable and has a variety of rig options so is well suited to a range of ages and weights.

There are three sail options (all use the same spars) :

* Sport – 3.7m2 Dacron sail suitable for crew weight 30Kg and up; can be reefed. (Age approx: 7-13yrs)

* Pro – 4.8m2 Mylar sail suitable for crew weight 40Kg and up (Age approx: 12-17yrs)

 The Boat

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