About Radio Sailing Group


The Radio Sailing Group at Frensham Pond SC was set up in 2007 as Model Yacht Group and is affiliated to the Model Yachting Association (MYA). The objective of the MYG is to provide enjoyable, fun sailing and racing for as many interested sailors of all ages and experience levels as possible. There are over 40 members.

Those who are starting out will find it easy to get advice from RSG  members on which boat to buy/build, how best to rig, tune and sail their boat, and many other tips to enhance their enjoyment of the sport.

We sail on TUESDAYS throughout the year, starting at 10.00am, with organized racing at about 10.30am continuing until around 3pm.

There is plenty of room on the Pond for all model yachts to be able to sail or race without interfering with other sailors.

Facilities available:

• Clubhouse toilets
• Launching can be done either from one of a number of long jetties or from the bank.
• Sailing can be watched and boats are controlled from a large grassed area close to the launching jetties.
• Yachts that have gone astray can be recovered by a recovery boat manned by trained MYG members.
• Power boats are not allowed.

The lake at Frensham Pond is suitable for all types of radio controlled yachts and has excellent launching facilities, as well as a large grassed area for viewing and controlling boats on the water.

RSG Membership is free to all full members of FPSC and is available to all others at a (2021) subscription of £53pa. There is no joining fee.

Classes sailed

The Model Yacht Group sails and races many classes of model yachts but concentrates primarily on four.

International One Metre

We race the International One Metre (IOM) in this group. These boats are light, responsive and fun to sail. This is one of the most popular of the four international classes and is sailed at most Model Yachting Association (MYA) clubs.

The class rule is ‘closed’, meaning that many aspects of design, materials and construction are restricted to promote close competition, but there are many different designs from which to choose. However the rule is designed to allow the DIY enthusiast some freedom to construct an inexpensive and competitive boat.

The important speed related criteria of length, draught, displacement and sail plan are limited to a maximum of 1000mm, 420mm, 4kg and three prescribed rigs. A typical second hand boat can cost around £200 depending on age, condition and design.


Boats over one metre

Commonly these are the 10Rater (10R) class. These are light, sleek, seaworthy and fast. It is an ‘open’ rule Class with great freedom to develop design and construction, particularly in rigs and sail plans. Any boat can be a 10 rater and several.  A typical 10Rater is approximately 1600mm long, weighs 6kg and carries one square metre of sail. The cost of a second hand boat will vary substantially depending on its age and design, but a reliable and exciting boat can often be had for around £300.

Marbleheads have been successful in this class, and we race them with the 10R yachts. The modern ‘M’ class yacht is a ‘high-tech’ racer, sporting up to six measured rigs with trends of profiled rotating masts, unstayed carbon rigs, pocket luff mainsails, pre-preg carbon hulls and fins offering a wide scope for design freedom. At only 1290mm in overall length, the restricted development class rules allow both the professional or amateur designer/builder/sailmaker an attractive avenue to test their knowledge and skills in one of the most exhilarating radio yacht classes in the world.


The DF65 is the fastest growing class in the club. It is an inexpensive strictly one-design class 650mm long and is an ideal introduction to radio sailing and also a good test of sailing ability for experienced sailors.


Other classes

There is an active Footy team. The Footy is a small radio-control sailboat whose length is a mere 12 inches (305mm). The hull can be made from a fibreglass mould or simply with thin sheets of balsa wood fitted together. Some free plans are available.

In addition members sail bottle boats, catamarans and vintage and replicas such as 15 metre yachts.

Boat building

There is a keen boat building tradition at Frensham. Several members have made their own highly competitive boats. Within class rules techniques include wood planking, glass fibre and carbon fibre for the hulls, using personal designs or designs from acknowledged experts.



Please come down any Tuesday to meet with like minded and enthusiastic model boat sailors or contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information. There is a membership application form at https://www.sailfrensham.org.uk/index.php/info/how-to-join.