Check list for Race Officers

Race Officer Duties Check Sheet

Please aim to arrive at the pond by 09.30

Before Racing

Retrieve the starter box from the office in the clubhouse


Open the MYG shed


Transfer the two   trolleys to the middle of the grass frontage


Transfer the   barrows containing the buoys to the jetty to the right of the grass frontage.  Do not leave the barrow on the jetty.


Choose a course layout appropriate for the wind strength and   direction[R1]  that minimises conflicts, and mark it out   clearly on the white board.

Do not place the   buoys too far out!


Collect the keys   to the RIB garage from the duty officer (who should arrive by 10.00) and open   the garage. Once the RIB is out of the garage lock the garage and return the   keys to the duty officer


Launch the RIB,   collect the buoys and lay out the course

Use the 2 way   radios with someone on the bank to check the buoy placing as per the selected   course


Secure the RIB to   the jetty.


Remind all   skippers who intend to race it is their responsibility to register their sail   numbers (ensure numbers are entered in the correct column – one metre &   under  or above one metre)



Ensure all   skippers understand the course


Set the Start box   with 1 minute count down for the first fleet (usually the big boats),   reminding other skippers to keep clear. Clearly call out any boats over the   line at the start.


Allow sufficient   gap then set start box for one minute count down for the second fleet.   Clearly call any boats over the line at the start.


Observe racing as   far as possible for any contact between boats, and announce the contact.  Note the skippers should take   responsibility to police themselves.


Record boats in   the order in which they finish.


Decide how many   races to be run as the day progresses (the minimum number of races per day in   a Series will have been determined / agreed previously)


For Series   racing, start with a practice race.    Run four Series races in the morning, and four in the afternoon.  Run other races as requested by the   sailors.


After Racing

Take the RIB to collect   all buoys and return them to the jetty.


Return the RIB to   the garage – remember to lock the garage afterwards


Return the buoys   and trolleys to the MYG shed and lock up


Return the   starter box to Roger Carter


Pass the   completed score sheet to John Haine or Nick Royse (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


 Instructions for race officers can be downloaded from here