Sailing Away


Notable results by Frensham sailors at other clubs and events

May/June 2022

GP14 Northern Areas, Derwent Reservoir
1st Nick Craig & Toby Lewis

Lark Open, Rock
1st John & Vicky Brickwood

2.4mR Nationals, Poole Regatta
1st Megan Pascoe
2nd Bruce Hill

RS100, Paignton POSH
1st Ian Gregory
2nd Clive Eplett

Cadet Clemenson Nautilus Trophy, WPNSA
1st Will Shepherd & Joe Mycroft
3rd Fiona Nee & Annabelle Shepherd
5th Sofia Sfaxi & Evie Boddy
7th Sarah McEwan & Holly Jones
8th George Little & Hugh Voysey

K1 Inlands, Wimbleball
1st Master/5th overall Jeremy Hudson
8th Hilly King

Lark Youth Championships, FPSC
2nd Rebecca Videlo & Kat Gilbert
3rd Hannah Carruthers & Mimi Slump

Lark Open, FPSC
2nd John Brickwood & Andy Hicks
4th Nigel Hufton & Matt Wood

Solo Open, FPSC
4th Bryan Taylor
5th John Brooker

K1 Open, South Windemere SC
2nd Jeremy Hudson

RS Tera Start of Seasons Pro fleet, Burton SC
4th Oliver Stratton Brown

RS Tera Start of Seasons Sport fleet, Burton SC
1st Team Trophy - FPSC
1st William Stratton Brown
6th Mark Soars
8th Tristan Harding
9th Zoe Lomas Clarke

Hansa TT Open, New Forest Sailability
3rd Mike Everitt 303 Single handed
1st Paul Phillips Liberty
2nd Lara Sturgis 2.3
3rd Andrew Lebec 2.3

2.4mR European Championships, Quiberon
1st Megan Pascoe
15th Bruce Hill
16th Kate Hedley

RS Aero Nationals 5 Rig, Paignton
3rd Tom Ahlheid
17th Jack Hardie

RS Feva Nationals, WPNSA
1st Tristan Ahlheid & Finlay Lomas-Clarke

Lark Nationals, Pentewan Sands
3rd John Brickwood & Andy Hicks
10th Matt Shorrock & Katie Kinver

RS100 Open, Weir Wood
3rd Clive Eplett

RS Tera Pro Nationals, Dale Sailing Club
3rd Oliver Stratton Brown
18th Andrew Soars

RS Tera Sport Nationals Dale, Sailing Club
3rd William Stratton Brown
5th Tristan Harding
10th Zoe Lomas-Clarke
12th Will Ahlheid
17th Mark Soars
28th Jago Moore

RS 100 EuroCup, Carnac
2nd Clive Eplett

505 Nationals, Brixham
4th Roger Gilbert & Ben McGrane

ILCA 6 Masters Worlds, Vallarta, Mexico
1st Ian Gregory

RS Tera South and Southwest RYA regional Champs, WPNSA
2nd Tristan Harding
1st Girl Jasmine Pillon-Simpson

Cadet South East Regional Champs, Grafham
1st Tom Walker & Ava Stoddart
3rd Sarah McEwan & Holly Jones

Hansa Dutch Liberty Nationals
1st Paul Phillips

Hansa TT 303 Single, Burghfield
1st Mike Everitt

RS Aero Southern Champs 5 Rig, Felpham
1st Tom Ahlheid
2nd Tristan Ahlheid

Hansa Nationals, Carsington
1st Lindsey Burns
2nd Andrew Lebec
3rd Lara Sturgis

303 Singles 303 Doubles
3rd Mike Everitt
4th James & Maddy Woosnam
6th Margret Foreman

6th Tessa Watkiss

ILCA 6 Kieler Woche Olympic Classes, Kiel
33rd Charlotte Videlo

K1 Long distance race, Tewkesbury
1st Jeremy Hudson
3rd Hilly King

2.4mR Open, FPSC
1st Megan Pascoe
2nd Bruce Hill
3rd Paul Schroeder

RTIR Impala Fleet, Isle of Wight
2nd Richard Harding & Simon Lomas-Clarke

RS Tera Pro Southern Area Champs, Lymington
1st Oliver Stratton Brown

RS Tera Sport Southern Area Champs, Lymington
1st William Stratton Brown
5th Zoe Lomas-Clarke
6th Mark Soars

August onwards

Hansa TT Midlands 31st August
Hansa 2.3 Class 1st Lindsay Burns
Hansa 303 one-person Class 2nd Mike Everitt, 3rd James Woosnam
Hansa Liberty Class 5th Tessa Watkiss
Hansa TT Northampton 10 th September
Hansa 2.3 1st Lindsay Burns 2nd Andrew Lebec, 3rd Lara Sturgis
Hansa 303 single-hander 1st Mike Everitt 2nd James Woosnam
Liberty 4th Tessa Watkiss 6th Paul Philips

ILCA Open Frensham 11th September
Giorgia Bonalano 1 st ,
Thayla Ambroziak 2 nd ,
Karin Bradbury 4 th ,
Ann Brand 5 th .

Rebecca Videlo 1st,
Tom Alheid 2nd,
Andy Shorrock 4th,
Rob Beere 5th.
Waldringfield Cartoon Trophy 11th September
Nigel Hufton 4th
RS 200 Youth Champs 10 th /11 th September
Bee and Will 3rd and 1st Junior, Fiona and Zach 5 th .

K1 Nationals 9 th /11 th September
Jeremy 7th, Graham 9th, Hillary 17 th

Tera Inlands 10th/11th September
Ollie SB 1 st ,
Tristan H 2 nd ,
Will A 9 th ,

Zoe LC 3 rd ,
Will SB 5 th ,
Mark S 9 th ,
Bailey A 17 th ,
George G 19 th ,
Maisie BS 22 nd ,
Nyala A 31 st .
Frensham also won the team trophy

ILCA Qualifier HISC 17th/18th Sept
ILCA 7 Luke 10th
ILCA 6 Ian Gregory 18th O/A 1st master;
Charlotte 25th O/A - 9th Female - 1st U21 Female;
Tom Flintham 84th
ILCA 4 Thalya Ambroziak 46th

Cadet Inlands 17th/18th September
Sofia/Evie 1 st ,
Fiona/Joe 4 th ,
Sarah/Holly 7 th ,
Zachary/Jude 8 th ,
Sam/Audrey 9 th ,
Amelie/Gregory 10 th ,
Alex/Amber 11 th (1 st Silver),
Ned/Sam 14 th ,
George/Hugh 16 th .
Mia/Maxwell 8 th Regatta Fleet.

Hansa TT Frensham 21st September
Hansa 2.3 1st Lara Sturgis 2nd Andrew Lebec
Hansa 303 single-handed 2 nd Harry Kennington
Hansas 303 double-handed 1 st James & Maddy Woosnam
Liberty 2nd Tess Watkiss

2.4mR Inlands Rutland 23rd/25th September
Megan Pascoe 1 st ;
Kate Hedley 3 rd ;
Kate Whyatt 6 th ;
Simon Meehan 7 th

Tera Open Frensham 24th September
Pro Rig
Oliver SB 1 st ,
Finlay LC 3 rd ,
Andrew S 4 th ,
Max H 6 th .

Sport Rig
Tristan H 1 st ,
Will SB 2 nd ,
Zoe LC 3 rd ,
Mark S 6 th ,
Will A 7 th ,
Jago M 8 th .

OK Europeans at Bandol, France 25 Sept / 1st Oct
Nick Craig 4th

ILCA Qualifier WPNSA 1st/2nd Oct
ILCA 7 Luke 12th
ILCA 6 Charlotte 19th O/A - 6th Female - 1st U21 Female;
Giorgia Bonalano 41st O/A – 12th Female
(59 competitors)
ILCA 4 Thalya 42nd (out of 54)
ILCA Masters Qualifier at Pevensey 1st/2nd Oct
ILCA 6 Ian Gregory 1st, Rob Beere 6th

RS 200 Inlands, Grafham 1st/2nd Oct
Tom and Tristan Ahlheid 3 rd

K1 Open Loch Lomond 8th/9th October
Jeremy Hudson 2nd He also won the travellers series

GP14 open Frensham 9th October
David I/John McG 2nd ,
David Y/John H 5th

Enterprise Open Frensham 9th October
Kat/Rebecca 1st ,
Nick/Vicki 3rd ,
Roger/Keith 4th ,
Ted/Andy 5th

Endeavour Trophy 8/9th October
Nick Craig/Toby Lewis 8 th ,
Tristan Alheid/Finlay Lomas-Clarke 20 th ,
Will Shephard/Toby Bush 28 th .

Fireball open Draycote 8/9 th October
Simon LC/Rob D 14th

Tera End of Seasons 15th/16th October
Tristan H 3 rd ,
Will SB 4 th ,
Mark S 12 th ,
Will A 16 th .

Zoe LC 6 th ,
George G 14 th ,
Bailey A 20 th ,
Nuala A 35 th .

GP14 End of Seasons 22nd/23rd October
Paul Trubridge/Matt Hall 2 nd

RS 100 Inlands 22nd/23rd October
Clive Eplett 2 nd , he also finished 2 nd in the travelling series

Aero UK Inlands 22/23 rd October
Aero 5 Tom Alheid 1st , Tristan Alheid 4th .
Aero 9 Rob Alheid 7th.

RS 200 Frensham Open 30 th October
2nd Roger/William/Oliver Gilbert
4th Tom and Tristan Alheid

Waldringfield Cadet Open 29 th /30 th October
1st George/Hugh
3rd Will/Annabel

ILCA Europeans 14th /21st November
ILCA 7 Luke Anstey 124 th
ILCA 6 Charlotte Videlo 87th

Cadet Australian Nationals 19 th /23 rd December
1st Will/Annabel Shepherd

Cadet Worlds 26th December 2022/1 st January 2023
2nd Will/Annabel
21 st Sarah/Holly
25 th Tom/Ava
27 th Sophia/Immy
28 th Amelie/Madeline






Notable results by Frensham sailors at other clubs and events

Dec 23rd Lark Travellers Series 2nd Nigel Hufton and Pete Nicholson
Oct 30th K1 Broxbourne Open 1st Jeremy Hudson 3rd Hilary King
Oct 25th RS100 Rooster National Tour 1st Ian Gregory 2nd Clive Eplett
Oct 24th RS100 Inlands Chew Valley 1st Clive Eplett 2nd Ian Gregory
Oct 24th 2.4mR Antwerp City Cup 1st Megan Pascoe
Oct 17th ILCA 6 Masters Inlands Grafham Water 1st Overall/1st Master Ian Gregory
Oct 17th Finn World Masters, Mar Menor, Spain (Super Legend) 1st Richard Hart
Oct 13th K1 Burwain SC Open 1st Hilary King
Oct 10th Team Racing Eric Twiname Team Racing 2nd Tris Ahlheid, Zoe Lomas-Clarke, Finlay Lomas-Clarke and Tris Harding
Oct 9th Hansa World Championships, Palermo 3rd 303 Single Rory McKinna 3rd Liberty Paul Phillips
Sept 26th Cadet RYA Junior Championships at Grafham 1st Will Shepherd & Joe Mycroft 2nd Fiona Nee & Annabel Shepherd
Sept 25-26 ILCA 6 Sunderland Qualifier 2nd U19 Girl Charlotte Videlo
Sept 19th GP14 Hampton Open 1st David Innes & John McGuinness
Sept 12th 2.4mR Inland Championships 1st Megan Pascoe 3rd Kate Hedley-Robinson
Sept 11th RS Tera Hayling Island Open (Pro) 1st Finlay Lomas-Clarke 2nd Oliver Stratton-Brown (Sport) 1st Will
Sept 9th RS100 Paignton Open 1st Ian Gregory
Sept 6th RS200 U22 Youth Champsionhips at Itechnor (Junior) 1st Tom & Tristan Ahlheid
Aug 27th Cadet National Championships, Brixham 1st Hannah Carruthers/George Cox‑Olliff 3rd William Shepherd/Joe Mycroft
Aug 13-18 ILCA 6 National Championships 10th Luke Anstey
2nd U19 Girl Charlotte Videlo
Aug 13th ILCA 6 RYA Youth Nationals 3rd Luke Anstey
3rd U19 Girl Charlotte Videlo
Aug 4th Hansa National Championships 2.3 1st Lindsay Burns 303 Single 1st Rory McKinna 303 Double 1st James & Maddy Woosnam Liberty 1st Paul Phillips Skud 1st Christine Spray & John Williams
Aug 1-6 Lark Salcombe Regatta 2nd John and Vicky Brickwood
July 13th 2.4mR Tidal Nationals 1st Megan Pascoe 2nd Bruce Hill
July 10th GP14 Leigh-On-Sea Open 1st David Innes & John McGuinness
July 9-11 ILCA 6 Masters Nationals 2nd Master/4th Overall Ian Gregory
July 7th K1 Datchet Water Open 2nd Graham Butler 3rd Jeremy Hudson
July 4th ILCA 6 Lancing Open 1st Charlotte Videlo
June 28th RS Feva Inland Championships 1st Tristan Ahlheid and Finlay Lomas-Clarke
June 28th RS Tera Emsworth Open (Pro) 1st Oliver Stratton-Brown (Sport) 3rd Tristan Harding
June 27th RS100 Summer Championships 1st Ian Gregory 2nd Clive Eplett
June 25th GP14 Welsh Harp Venetian Trophy 1st David Innes & John McGuinness
June 19-20 ILCA 6 50th Anniversary Stokes Bay 10th Luke Anstey
17th/1st U19 Girl Charlotte Videlo
May 2nd GP14 Papercourt Open 1st Nick Craig & Toby Lewis 3rd David Innes & John McGuinness