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RYA Training at Frensham

As a RYA Recognised Teaching Establishment we offer top quality training in a safe, friendly and attractive environment. Our aim at Frensham is to introduce new people to our sport, promote membership and offer club members an opportunity to improve their skills.

RYA Courses offered at Frensham:

Junior (~8-14 yrs) Stages 1 to 4
Adult Levels 1 to 3

Please read through the course descriptions below and examine the links to the RYA training outlines to choose the course most appropriate for you. Once selected book through our online booking service. If you have any doubts or questions relating to your choice please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our Training Team will get back to you.

For an Overview of our current programme please follow this link.

We are proud to be recognised by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) as a Training Centre. To maintain this recognition we are inspected annually to ensure that we comply with the RYA's high standards regarding Safety, Child Protection, Quality of Instruction and Equipment.

The training section offers benefits not only to the students being taught but also to the instructors. For the younger instructors the qualifications and experience gained whilst taking part will help them in later life. For the adult instructors the joy of passing on skills to others and then watching them blossom is well worth the time spent.

Junior Courses

All junior courses are taught to the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme and cater for youngsters from the age of 8 to14. A few children aged 7, who have sufficient concentration and body weight, may be accepted, if seen and approved by the Principal.

This Scheme has 4 Stages with Stage 1 being for Beginners, and Stage 4 equivalent to the adult National Dinghy Sailing Scheme Level 2, which means you are capable of sailing unsupervised in light winds.

At Frensham Stages 1, 2 and 3 are taken in single handed dinghies with Optimists (Oppies) used for 8-10 year olds and Toppers for 10 -14 year olds. Stage 4 requires a two handed dinghy such as a Feva, or Cadet.

Stage 1 and Stage 1&2 courses are for ‘beginners’. The Stage 2&3 course for improvers is a short revision of Stage 2 followed by Stage 3. This is designed to help youngsters who do not sail throughout the year. Similarly the Stage 3&4 course, which is not available to 8-9 year olds, is a revision of Stage 3 followed by Stage 4.

Please note that when children migrate from Optimists to Toppers it is normal for them to start again at Stage 1. This is because the Topper hull shape is less stable, the sail area is much larger and training takes place in a less sheltered area of the pond.

Course times:
Four and five day courses- 0900 – 1630. On the first morning checking in will start at 0845 and on the last afternoon, there will be a ‘presentation ceremony’ at 1500 to which all are invited.

Saturday Courses:- 0900 – 1300.

Optimist Topper  Cadet Feva


Adult Courses

All Adult courses are taught to the RYA National Dinghy Sailing Scheme that caters for those over the age of 14.

At Frensham we offer 3 Stages with Levels 1&2 for complete beginners, and Level 3 for those who have the basic skills and wish to develop these further while also gaining an introduction to racing.

Levels 1&2 are aimed at those who have no experience and none is expected. You will need to be able to swim and whilst learning you may well get wet.

After attaining Level 2 you will be able to sail unsupervised in light winds using one of Frensham's 'for hire' dinghies. Level 2 or equivalent experience (as judged by a Senior Instructor) should be considered as the entry criteria for the Level 3 course.

At Frensham Levels 1, 2 and 3 are taken in double-handed dinghies, using GP14s, a more traditional two sail dinghy which can also be rigged with a traditional spinnaker, and Laser Bahias, a more modern dinghy that also can be rigged with an asymmetric spinnaker.

Course times:
Four and five day courses- 0900 – 1630. On the first morning checking in will start at 0845 and on the last afternoon, there will be a ‘presentation ceremony’ at 1500 to which all are invited. See Course Schedule page for dates of these courses.

Saturday Courses:- 0900 – 1300.

Which RYA course should I choose?

Please use this table to choose the right course for you or your child.

Which RYA course should I choose?


GP14 Bahia


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