Guildford Marine Frensham Frenzy March 11th 2012

The day was warm the sun shone and the sky was cloudless but where was the wind? A sailing event with no wind is like a motor race with no fuel. For long periods the lake�s surface was like a sheet of glass. A good entry of forty seven boats took to the water for this pursuit event, including many visitors in a wide selection of designs. These included an Albacore, an interesting prototype X1, two OK dinghies as well as entries of Lasers, Solos, Larks, Phantoms, RS200 and 100, plus a good turnout of local Cadets. Race officer Tim Hemsley managed to set a course with a reasonable windward leg, although this varied crazily as the morning progressed. In the end the race was dominated by a local 2.4R mini-keelboat sailed by Frensham�s Richard Smallwood. His was an expert display of how to keep momentum going in wind zero conditions. Richard was followed by the first visitors a Lark sailed by Stuart and Nick Hydon, with Frensham�s Keith Videlo third in his Solo.

With lunch over the wind had finally died leaving only a few tiny zephyrs ranging through 360 degrees. The race officer took the committee boat to various points on the lake but in the end had no option but to abandon the event. A huge disappointment only lessened by reports of the same conditions everywhere in Southern England including the coast. A fine selection of prizes was presented by the event sponsors Guildford Marine and Henri Lloyd.

Position Class Crew Club
1 2.4mR Richard Smallwood Frensham Pond SC
2 Lark Stuart Hydon & Nick Hydon Shustoke SC
3 Keith Videlo Solo Frensham Pond SC
4 OK Simon Davis Upper Thames SC
5 Solo Simon Lomas-Clarke Frensham Pond SC
6 Solo Tim Deacon Frensham Pond SC
7 Solo John Townsley Frensham Pond SC
8 OK Alan Dance Frensham Pond SC
9 Laser Graham Howlett Frensham Pond SC
10 2.4mR Bruce Hill Frensham Pond SC
11 Enterprise Roger Carter & Keith Munday Frensham Pond SC
12 Lark Charlie Roome & David Marlow RYA
13 Solo Jeff Dolton Frensham Pond SC
14 Solo Ray Baker Frensham Pond SC
15 RS100 Clive Eplett Frensham Pond SC
16 RS200 Katrina Gilbert & Jenny Rust Frensham Pond SC
17 X1 Martin Dixon & Chris Ingram London Corinthian SC
18 Phantom Nick Mason Island Barn SC
19 Phantom Colin Hammond Frensham Pond SC
20 Phantom Nick Royse Frensham Pond SC
21 Lark Phil Whitney & Lynda Williams Frensham Pond SC
22 Lark James Ward & Katie Ward Exe SC
23 Albacore Neville Herbert & Ali Herbert RYA
24 Scorpion Karen Fergusson & Gary Fergusson Frensham Pond SC
25 Supernova Mick Ogle Hawley Lake STC
26 Laser 4.7 Angus Dunett Frensham Pond SC
27 Phantom Ian Cherrill Frensham Pond SC
28 GP14 David Youll & Mike Diss Frensham Pond SC
29 Phantom David Hutley Frensham Pond SC
30 RS200 Connor Hudson & Olly Hudson Frensham Pond SC
31 Laser Richard May Frensham Pond SC
32 2.4mR Lionel East Frensham Pond SC
33 Cadet Megan Fergusson & Charlotte Videlo Frensham Pond SC
34 Cadet Anna Morgan & Phobe Bradshaw Frensham Pond SC
35 Laser Mike King Frensham Pond SC
36 Cadet Oliver King & Harrison King Frensham Pond SC
37 Laser 4.7 Matt Young Frensham Pond SC
RTD Cadet Olivia Sykes & Issy Wood Frensham Pond SC
RTD Laser John Fiddler Warsash SC
RTD Laser 4.7 Kristian Davies Frensham Pond SC
RTD Laser Radial Nick Cherrill Frensham Pond SC
DNS Solo James Hewitt Frensham Pond SC