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Racing 5th & 6th September

The first interim race series finished last weekend. We are starting this weekend a second interim race series to take us up to the end of October, which is traditionally when our Summer Series would end and we transition to the Winter Series. We are largely continuing as we were, but with a few refinements that reflect and build upon the successful levels of participation. There are a numbers of issues to be resolved before the exact race programme, including the number of races to qualify, can be confirmed and this will follow in the next week or so. Items in planning for September and October include:

  • A Tera Open Meeting (with no club racing or general sailing on that day);
  • A Club Trophy day;
  • A Wednesday afternoon series;
  • Moving to a split morning and afternoon sessions for Class Racing on Sunday.

Please ensure you sign on before the race. This is also our record of who was present at the club during the racing session. Please register your attendance on site during racing sessions even if you are not racing, please use the ‘Additional Attendance’ tab.


Saturday afternoon: pursuit race (first start 14:00) with no limits on entry numbers.!ArJYirwcpfpZgyrQ1FGWgtnfhWf5?e=IcoPfC

DOWNLOAD Handicaps and Pursuit Times HERE


Sunday afternoon: Class racing (first start 14:00) with no limits on entry numbers.!ArJYirwcpfpZgy7tmMOr7bW3Efen?e=AGDzkw

14:00 - K Class

14:05 - Laser Class (all rigs)

14:10 - Solo Class

14:15 - GP14, Enterprise & 2.4mR (club course)

14:20 - Cadet, Tera & Topper



Regards, Ian. 


Youth Training 

Saturday morning is now reserved for youth training.  The booking process for Saturday mornings is being managed by Iain Soars (Teras) and  Sean Nee (Cadets+  including Cadets, Toppers, Laser 4.7s and Laser Radials.)
If you wish to be included in the youth training and have not yet been emailed, please contact Iain or Sean as appropriate. 

Wednesday Afternoon Racing Proposal

We are looking at a proposal to run racing on Wednesday afternoon now that the daylight hours prevents racing in the evening, and many people are working more flexibly from home. To understand whether it is feasible to run a series starting in September we are are looking to determine the number of members who would be interested in competing and volunteering to run the racing. If you are interested I'd be grateful if you would indicate so in the sheet at the link below so we can gauge the level of interest.

The start time for the race will be 2pm.!ArJYirwcpfpZgyLdJbW6pDBnqo31?e=lFg7ca

Regards, Ian.

Covid- 19 Update 29th July 2020

Volunteers Step Forward Please- We need you to help run races


We are looking for volunteers to assist the Race Officer on the Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening races. This is to provide assistance in tracking the progress of the boats around the course and capturing the finishing order, with no requirement for you to enter the Race Box.

If you are willing to volunteer for the Assistant Race Officer role please add your name to the list at the link below.!ArJYirwcpfpZgj4YSHMjPe7JKZU5?e=SgklgD

Also, if you are interested in volunteering for the role of Race Officer then please add your name to the list at the link below:!ArJYirwcpfpZgjsWjnwcExa21WdO?e=8PWHjT

And for the Safety Boat (with a crew from the same household) any additional volunteers please add your name to the list below.!ArJYirwcpfpZgjzWLvtX5VhG9X5P?e=v4a5eF

Regards, Ian.

Covid- 19 Update 5th August 2020

Stage 3 Plan Launched

We have now revised our approach to "Staying safe on the water". Our new Stage 3 Plan can be downlanded below. I ask you all to read and action the plan.

Key changes are as follows:

  • Sailing in two handed boats with non family members is permitted subject to restrictions.
  • Additional clarification on groups and gatherings is included
  • Members may now bring a guest to the club
  • Operation of safety boats rules have now changed with a requirement for all safety boat crew to carry, and if necessary, use a face mask or face covering. These will be sent out under separate cover
  • A limited take away bar service is now in operation subject to availability of members to man it
  • The bar (And galley when reopened) is now a cashless operation so a card will be needed. Bar is now off limits except to those volunteering. Please feel free to wear masks or face coverings when ordering from the bar
  • The new plan has codified the reintroduction of youth training and the hoped for restart of Sailability on Thursdays subject to this weeks further trial

Clarity is provided on what you can do and what cannot at this time which hopefully will assist

A further revision to By-Law 3 has been introduced and it is required that you all read this and comply in full please

It is essential that you all continue to log-in if you are attending the club for any reason. Log-in will be on Casual sailing web page, racing log-in sheets or Youth, Sailability or MYG specific systems

As more of you are now sailing it is anticipated that you may wish to help the club to keep all activities going. If you wish to volunteer for race or safety duties please contact the Sailing Secretary or Vice- Commodore. If you can volunteer to help with the bar please contact the Rear Commodire

Any comments or suggestions on the Stage 3 Plan please contact me

David Innes




Covid- 19 Update 20th July 2020

Wednesday Evening racing this week, and until the end of August.

We are starting a short Wednesday Evening series, starting this Wednesday. This will be a pursuit race, like Saturday afternoon, with the first start at 18:45 and the race scheduled to finish just after 20:00. This will be a six race series (until the end of August), with 4 races to count and average points redress available to the Duty Teams.

The Race Committee reserves the right to amend or withdraw these race series, depending upon how the implementation goes. This is also dependent on sailors abiding to the ethos of more relaxed and conservative racing that is at the heart of the Stage 2 plan, which includes a more relaxed approach to taking or enforcing rights of way and avoiding shouting where possible.

Finally, if you are going to be on site but not racing would you record this on the signing on sheet under the Additional Attendance tab.

Regards, Ian.