The Frensham Lark fleet contains previous National Champions and is of a high standard. 
Racing is well supported every weekend and several members also take their boats on the 'open meeting' circuit.

Larks are light, fast racing boats with mainsail, jib and symmetrical spinnaker. Used by University sailing clubs for team-racing, the Lark is extremely responsive and competition is fierce. The design has had two major upgrades since it was first developed by Mike Jackson in 1966. The latest 'Mk. III' Rondar Lark was introduced in 2000, is very stiff and virtually dry when righted after a capsize. Spinnaker handling is made easy as the boats have an opening in the foredeck called a 'spinnaker chute' from which the spinnaker is launched and subsequently recovered. Construction is low-maintenance FRP/GRP although a few older boats have wooden decks.

  • Length: 4.07m
  • Beam: 1.65m
  • Weight: 95kg
  • Sail area: 9.75m2
  • Spinnaker: 7.40m2
  • Optimum weight of helm and crew: 125-145kg
  • PN: 1073

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Frensham Pond Lark Fleet Captain

Chris Ellis
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